The Death Of Magento Performance: 13 Common Guidelines

optimize magento performance

The world is moving fast, and people’s attention span is decreasing. Even for online shopping people opt for it because they can save a lot of time and efforts in the process. So, speed and good Magento performance are central to the success of any eCommerce store. A 1-second delay in page response can result in […]

WordPress Hosting : Best webserver for high performance on high traffic in 2017

Performance of the website is one of the key to success of the website and specially with growing users traffic on the website make it vital part. In recent years, demand for wordpress platform grows rapidly but there are hardly  optimized servers for the best performance and security possible when you expect thousands of users […]

Performance optimization tips for SocialEngine and Phpfox in 2018

Performance optimization for SocialEngine and Phpfox

Are you fed up with performance issues on your website? Try these performance optimization tips right into the hosting to give the boost to social communities. Yahoo reported a 9% increase in traffic for every 400-millisecond increase in performance. Walmart experienced a 2% increase in conversions for every 1-second improvement in performance.  Amazon experienced a 1% […]

Tweaks to resolve xcache and fastcgi issue for socialengine


We have been constantly working on performance optimization of social community based on socialengine platform. The community was optimized by fine tuning Webserver (Apache) and database (Mysql) along with the caching(APC). Our client was really happy with the performance of his social community website.Client’s community is amazing and becoming very popular (growing 1000+ users/week) so […]