Consulting Services

Product Development

We build the technology from idea to deployment so you can focus on the vision. From startups to enterprises, we have the optimal product strategy for every scale - complete product, product integrations, or subsystem of the product.

Digital Transformation

We help you get to market quickly by building websites, online communities, marketplaces and more using customization of open source solutions like WordPress, Magento, and SocialEngine.

Enterprise Integrations

Integration is not just calling APIs of another system. Reliable integrations require robust architectures for handling scale, errors, and recovery from failures. Our vast experience in integrating systems has made this second nature for us.

AI & Machine Learning

Build Al models and predictive analysis with us using custom neural networks and Amazon, and Google services. See how we are using handwriting recognition to develop innovative educational apps for children.

CTO as a service

Leverage the expertise of our architects and CTO in developing enterprise software to solve complex technology challenges. We have a deep understanding of containers, messaging, distributed databases, cloud services, and more.

Performance engineering

Have a slow performing application, database, or website? We help you fine tune the performance using monitoring tools and agents, speed up the end user experience and also refactor your code and architecture to achieve the scale needed

Website development and Integration cta

What can we help you build?

We help companies stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.
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