Performance optimization tips for SocialEngine and Phpfox in 2018

Performance optimization for SocialEngine and Phpfox

Are you fed up with performance issues on your website? Try these performance optimization tips right into the hosting to give the boost to social communities. Yahoo reported a 9% increase in traffic for every 400-millisecond increase in performance. Walmart experienced a 2% increase in conversions for every 1-second improvement in performance.  Amazon experienced a 1% […]

4 ways to improve your web development skills

4 ways to improve your web development skills

Software developers are responsible to make ideas into reality. It doesn’t matter of size whether a startups, medium-size or big company, developers are the back bone. While developing or creating new thing, developers should follow some basic rules of writing code. Its really helpful to write a readable, structured programming code, which is easy to debug. We […]

Social ecommerce: The cost effective integration!!!!

social ecommerce

The social ecommerce is trending these days as users are actively buying things and connecting with their friends online. There are a lot of platforms which currently offer ecommerce and social networking as separate platforms. Both platforms are effective ways to keep your users engaged on the website. Some of the popular ecommerce platforms are Magento, […]

Pinterest Integration for Social Networking Sites

Ever thought sharing your favorite things graphically will become amazingly easy and interactive; no, yes, may be; I never thought it would be.  But makers of Pinterest did think of an interactive way to share what you like. Pinterest is basically an interactive bulletin board that a person can use to post pictures, videos etc. that […]

Custom milestones timeline module for Phpfox

Timeline has been powerful feature for every community as it display the events related to a user in chronological order. It shall help the community user to show photo albums, videos, musics or any event related to user event. We had been working on a community related to parents and their children. We had a […]