Top Five Benefits That You Start To Enjoy When Using WordPress

In this article we discussed the wordpress top five benefits for your website. Whether you have built a website before or not, WordPress can be such an exciting platform to work on whenever you want to have a site up and running within minutes. It is customized in such a way that you can easily follow the instructions and have a site up and running within a short time. WordPress is usually supported by a very strong technical team that always works on the coding and software infrastructure to enable the users have a smooth experience working on the platform.

Content management is such a key aspect of online operations and processes. When potential clients visit your site, their first point of focus is how the content on your site is organized. WordPress being a Content Management System (CMS) platform has spent a great deal of effort in the mechanics of how to organize content on a site so as to give it visual appeal and search engine optimality. There are scores of benefits that users can derive by having their sites running on WordPress which they are less likely to enjoy on other platforms. Apart from the fact that you can run a free site on WordPress which is hosted on the same platform, below are five other benefits that you stand to enjoy:

Easy and Quick Installation

As said earlier, when you run a WordPress site, you have the option of it being hosted right there or alternatively you can have it hosted on another site. Should you feel that you need host your site through a different service provider, you will find that WordPress is so flexible making it easy for you to install your site without much complexity.

Most webhosting companies run cPanelX as the webmaster’s control panel meaning that whenever you want to install a WordPress site there, all you need is just to locate an icon called Fantastico De Luxe” on the panel. Upon clicking this icon, you will be led to a page where you can add a number of applications most of which are free. The entire process is guided by easy to follow instructions that will help you link to the WordPress platform so that you can have your site installed.

There is a huge number of hosting web servers out there. Socialfox Hosting is the most common web servers in use today which improves the performance of your wordpress network so that your wordpress network load pages quickly and delights your users. It also makes your wordpress network more stable and serve a much larger number of users. Socialfox Hosting provides a environment settings for scalable, performance and high availability for WordPress platform.

Customized Themes

There are so many theme developers who work on the WordPress platform. Some of these themes are generic and basic while others are entirely free. Apart from these kinds of themes, there are those that are categorized as premium themes which are available for sale. By liaising with developers or visiting theme marketplaces such as Themeforest, you can easily search and find themes that befit you business and help in making your online presence profound. There are themes grouped into different categories; sports themes, medical themes, insurance themes, education themes and many others. These themes are easy to upload and have lots of support behind them.

Enhanced Site Functionality

WordPress platform has lots of features that combined make your site such an adorable place to visit. There are specific functionalities that are designed to cater for various needs. Since the needs of web owners are virtually endless, developers are constantly coming up with Plug-ins that aid in the execution of certain tasks. There are more than 8000 Plug-ins on the official WordPress site ( for webmasters to select and install. Aside from these ones, there are others also that are not on the WordPress database. Whenever you find a plug-in that you want to install, all you need to do is to download and unzip the file after which you upload it directly to your site. By going to the Admin area of your blog, you can easily activate it from there.

Open Source Format

The WordPress code is usually written in PHP and its source code is accessible and visible to anyone who wants to have a look at it. In addition to the open code, there is lots of documentation that makes it easy to interact with the code. This is very useful to anyone with minimal knowledge of PHP and who can program to work within the WordPress Codex. This is in sharp contrast to others that are complex and difficult to decipher.

Update notifications

Users of WordPress can identify with the fact that whenever there is an updated version of WordPress available, they are notified. The updates also cover Plugins that have upgrades available. With just a click you can install the upgrades and this will enable you enjoy the added functionalities.

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