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We bring exceptional value to everyone we work with – our customers, our employees and our partners

Expert Programmers

An expert programmer is quicker than a whole team of average programmers. All of our people are top handpicked talents and have a track record of consistently delivering. We simply don’t work with any incompetent people and avoid software solutions delivery failures.

Technology Agnostic

We have a clear focus on performance, scalability and flexibility of the web and mobile solutions. Each of our team members is an expert in multiple technologies ranging from SocialEngine, Magento, WordPress, iOS, Android and more.

Efficient Teams

We work in small but highly efficient teams, where management overhead is limited. Small teams have the advantage of spending less time communicating and more time programming. Our team works on one-two week sprints and deploys the solutions for clients’ review.

Pragmatic Solutions

We try to build efficient solutions with minimum cost. If it is possible to use an open-source or third-party solution that will fit your needs, we will let you know upfront about it. Even when we make custom applications, we utilize best-of-breed open source frameworks instead of building our own.



Vishal Singla

Vishal is a business leader with ~25 years' experience in the domains of technology and international trade. He founded and grew a product development company to a size of 300+ across 3 countries, before a successful exit. He is a strong believer in providing 'exceptional value' to customers and to the team, a philosophy religiously followed at Pragma.

Abhinav Maheshwari

Abhinav is a proven technology leader with close to 25 years of experience in building SaaS and enterprise class software products. He has inculcated in the Pragma team, a mindset of providing 'pragmatic solutions' - great solutions at an optimal cost. Hands on on almost all technology stacks and Pragma actively contributes to many open source projects under his leadership.

Raj Singhal

Raj is a seasoned entrepreneur having taken multiple businesses to successful exits. He is passionate about innovation and advises companies on how to 'think differently'. He is on the board of directors of several companies, in areas as diverse as food tech, education and technology. Currently CEO of Footprints, the well known playschool chain.


Life at Pragma

This is what makes us different.

We have built a culture of learning and excellence where seniors and peers help you learn more. We encourage and challenge you so that you are not confined to specific technologies but become capable of developing pragmatic solutions to real business problems.

Since the pandemic, every company started some form of work from home and many are now reversing it. But we started it as our vision for providing a balanced life to all our employees much before the pandemic and today 90% of our employees work remotely across India close to their family.

Pragma is focused on a partner centric approach where  every senior employee becomes a partner in the company. Combined with the learning focus and working from your hometown this becomes a lifestyle for you where you grow personally, professionally and build a long term financial future. We call it the Pragma way of life.

Most of our customers are building technology to advance the mankind. One of our customers, Lifesherpa is developing a platform to provide rewarding employment to neuro-diverse indviduals. Another customer, Inscopix is developing products for labs doing cutting edge brain research. Even with limited experience, you communicate with customers directly to understand their vision and contribute to it.

Most of our customers are spread across the globe and building innovative software products. Working from your home, you communicate with them building a global perspective and get exposed to new ideas shaping our world.

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