• Rich web and Serverless apps

    We develop rich web apps using Angular and React. We also develop serverless backends using Java, Node.js & Python on AWS or Firebase.

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  • Open source and customization

    Launch your web application quickly using Open source instead of custom development. SocialEngine for online communities, Magento for eCommerce and WordPress for websites.

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  • Mobile applications

    We are experts at developing beautiful native iOS and Android apps using pre-built templates. We also develop ReactNative and hybrid apps to run same code on all platforms.

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  • AI and Machine learning

    We are experts in AI and predictive analysis using custom neural networks and Amazon / Google services. See how we are using handwriting recognition to develop innovative educational apps for children.

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We develop high quality web and mobile apps

Pragmatic solutions using plugins and templates

Expert developers who own your product

Technology and architecture that fits your business

Meet our happy customers

Case Study

Lifesherpa – Behavioral training apps

For young adults with executive functioning challenges typically caused by ADHD and Autism, Life Sherpa delivers behavioral training programs through mobile apps.
We helped Lifesherpa build their complete platform including AngularJS based administration UI, Firebase cloud as well as their website and business intelligence and reporting.

Pragma is a professional organization that delivers very well. Not only do they provide well engineered solutions, they are easy to work with and above all they are trustworthy. They have always come through for me. They not only care about good engineering, but also about the business of the product. Great service all around!

Case Study

PatSage – Patent Search and Analytics platform

PatSage is designed to enable IP analysts to perform research analysis using Patent Search and IP Analytics platform.
We developed a fully AWS cloud based solution that imports 4 million US patents and indxes using elasticsearch. We also developed the AngularJS web app for users and administrator.

I am pleased with the work done by Pragma. Your team has delivered quality product that helped me to move my idea of PatSage to production within planned timeframe.

Case Study

Bioinfo – Corporate websites and integrations

Bioinfo Inc. provides business intelligence reports for scientific markets. We developed their multiple corporate websites based on WordPress.
We also developed PDF newsletter generation and subscription on website, integrated WordPress with elasticsearch and integrated it with their CRM. All deployed on Amazon Cloud.

This was our first time using a SocialEngine developer for custom work, and it was a positive experience because iPragmatech team is very professional and efficient.


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