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We help build great SaaS products

Our focus is to build right-sized solutions. Whether it is a e-commerce startup developing their first website, or a SaaS product company looking to take their POC to real life, we bring the appropriate technology and tools for meeting their business objectives. 

We use templates for building UIs faster without UI designers. We use serverless approaches that allow scalability without huge DevOps costs. We have even used unique approaches like using WordPress as an application development platform. In all cases, our mission is always the same – build a great solution with optimal cost.


We bring exceptional value

To deliver what we have promised, we have fundamentally re-looked at how things are done.

For instance, we do small teams of expert programmers rather than creating large units of average programmers. Our higher skill level & limited management overhead makes us nimble. We are able to be more efficient, respond quickly and deliver consistently.

We take it a notch higher by having our team invested in our & our clients’ success. Our senior people are not employees in the company; they are Partners, like in a law firm. Keeps our feet on the ground, brings more accountability and far more ownership of the products we deliver.

What we do

Consulting Services

Product Development

We build the technology from idea to deployment so you can focus on the vision. From startups to enterprises, we have the optimal product strategy for every scale - complete product, product integrations, or subsystem of the product.

Digital Transformation

We help you get to market quickly by building websites, online communities, marketplaces and more using customization of open source solutions like WordPress, Magento, and SocialEngine.

Enterprise Integrations

Integration is not just calling APIs of another system. Reliable integrations require robust architectures for handling scale, errors, and recovery from failures. Our vast experience in integrating systems has made this second nature for us.

AI & Machine Learning

Build Al models and predictive analysis with us using custom neural networks and Amazon, and Google services. See how we are using handwriting recognition to develop innovative educational apps for children.

CTO as a service

Leverage the expertise of our architects and CTO in developing enterprise software to solve complex technology challenges. We have a deep understanding of containers, messaging, distributed databases, cloud services, and more.

Performance engineering

Have a slow performing application, database, or website? We help you fine tune the performance using monitoring tools and agents, speed up the end user experience and also refactor your code and architecture to achieve the scale needed


Reviews From Our Happy Clients

Pragma is a professional organization that delivers very well. Not only do they provide well engineered solutions, they are easy to work with and above all they are trustworthy. They have always come through for me. They not only care about good engineering, but also about the business of the product. Great service all around!

Michael Renner
CTO & Co-Founder, Lifesherpa
Reviews From Our Happy Clients

I am pleased with the work done by Pragma. Your team has delivered quality product that helped me to move my idea of PatSage to production within planned timeframe.

Divya Prakash
CEO & Co-Founder at Patsage
Reviews From Our Happy Clients

This was our first time using a SocialEngine developer for custom work, and it was a positive experience because iPragmatech team is very professional and efficient.

Justin Dudash
Vice President, Marketing at Patsage

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We help companies stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.
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