Maintaining Social Community – Utilize your own resources

If you run a social community all by yourself you are probably not alone.  No pun intended.  If you are like most social network owners you are not tech savvy.  To build a social network one can spend a lot of money and time learning how to code in order to build a social network.  But why follow this method if you don’t need to?

Anyone reading this article knows the easiest way to build a social network is using a CMS like SocialEngine or phpFox.  And you probably already know that you should outsource technical requirements to an expert.  You and Markus Frind are following the concept of utilizing the resources you already have.

Mr. Frind is the founder of POF is a dating site with over 30,000,000 members despite having only 8 people on staff!  Most of the 8 people on staff work only part time.  It was not until building a mobile device and ad portal for POF that he was in need to hire anyone.  For most of POF’s existence Mr. Frind operated the website all by himself!

How was Mr. Frind able to get 30,000,000 members to his site when you have trouble getting 3,000 members?  Mr. Frind told Inc magazine that the key to his success is by keeping things simple.

Mr. Frind did not want to have a special chat feature for his site.  He realized it was something that would be good for his site but was not needed.  Therefore, he didn’t need to work more hours, hire administrators, etc.  He did not want to hire anyone to work customer service.  Therefore, he wasn’t burdened with spending money to keep all visitors happy.  However, he did have a forum with volunteers to help people with any concerns or questions regarding POF.  Originally, his site only made money through Google AdSense.

As a result of keeping his site very plain and simple Mr. Frind only worked an hour per day on his site.  Despite generating $2,000,000 per month through Google AdSense!  He brags about being able to earn so much money while barely working.

Mr. Frind, only began to hire people for POF when he chose to develop a mobile app with GPS capabilities, a new ad portal specifically for his site, and premium paid membership.

What is the main point?  With each new feature for your site, service, capability, etc. demands more responsibility.  Having more features for your site and services can help it grow.  However, it is not needed.  What is needed for a one man operated social network is to keep things simple.

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