Custom milestones timeline module for Phpfox

Timeline has been powerful feature for every community as it display the events related to a user in chronological order. It shall help the community user to show photo albums, videos, musics or any event related to user event. We had been working on a community related to parents and their children. We had a requirement from our client to create a timeline feature for child activity.We decided to develop a custom timeline module which keeps track of milestones of the child.

At Pragmaapps, we generally try to avoid building from scratch and tried to reuse the open source component. Our phpfox developers found a wonderful jquery’s plugin jquery-timelinr developed by csslab. This jquery plugin is light, extensible and easy to use. We can easily add our custom style in timeline and just need to send data in it’s desired format. We shall show you how we used this plugin to customize phpfox for timeline milestones.

phpfox milestones plugin
phpfox milestones plugin
  1. Include the jQuery library and this plugin:

2. Initialize-it with the default parameters:

3.  HTML markup must be as follows:





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You can also configure lots of setting in timeline view with the initialization of timeline. Feel free to send you feedback for this article. We offer end-to-end phpfox expertise, including consultancy, building new modules, customize existing module features, migration from older versions and performance tuning.

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