Tips to create magento custom attribute

custom attribute magento

In Magento an attribute means any property of an entity ( Product, Customer ) and we can add as many attributes as we need. They can be grouped into attribute sets. An attribute set is a collection of similar attributes. An attribute is very important to show extra information like Color , Size, Brand etc of […]

How to extend and customize magento REST API

Recently, we were working on eCommerce platform for with auction support on magento . Our client wanted an android application for their platform. After requirement analysis, we decided to use magento and decided to use its Rest API for android application. Magento have a few Rest API implementation and one need to use their SOAP webservices which are very complex and dying technology. […]

Develop magento mobile app using REST API and OAuth

According to the recent survey conducted by VisionMobile,  most of the developers saying eCommerce is now the best mobile monetization strategy. 40% of US respondents who had downloaded a retailer app said they bought more of that brand’s products. 46% also said the app invite them to visit the physical store more often. For example, Walmart customers […]