Top six socialengine payment gateway

SocialEngine is a php based platform can be used to build online community site. Website owners can build social networking sites within minutes using SocialEngine. Clients are using SocialEngine site as online store or event management etc site in which payment is one of the vital part for community owners.  In this article we are going to explain six socialengine payment gateway. Payment gateways can be used for online payments, account subscriptions etc.

SocialEngine Payment Gateway

Payment gateway can be used for payment transactions like buying goods from SocialEngine based store, account subscription or any service which is payment dependent on SocialEngine platform. SocialEngine provides facilities of two payment gateways Paypal and 2Checkout, which can be used for payment transactions. Using SocialEngine custom development, clients can provide facility of different payment gateways like stripe, Authorize.Net etc to their customers. Lets have a look in more detail for socialengine payment gateway.

1) Paypal

    Paypal is one of the most famous payment gateway used for taking online payments. Many online websites use service of Paypal for their needs. Paypal is also one of the default payment gateways integrated in SocialEngine platform. Clients can use Paypal payment gateway without or with minimum customisation as per their needs.

2) 2checkout

2checkout is also one of the default payment gateway supported by SocialEngine. Many online websites based on SocialEngine are using service of 2Checkout. Their Inline and Standard Checkout products are designed to make it easy for customers to buy anything on websites. 2checkout provides customizable user interfaces that are simple and adapt to the customer device. Clients can also customise this payment gateways service with minimum socialengine customisation.   

3) Stripe

    Stripe is one of famous payment gateways used in US. Instead of Paypal or 2checkout, clients can used Stripe as payment module for their needs. Although Paypal is one of the most used payment gateways, but there are some limitations which enforce clients to use other payment gateways. Stripe can be used along with Paypal or 2Checkout as another option, or it can integrated as one of the main payment gateway. Using SocialEngine customisation , we can provide feature of Stripe payment gateway to our customers.

4) Authorize.Net

    Authorize.Net payment gateways provides many facilities like Recurring Billing, It can be used for monthly , yearly or quarterly based payments. Customers payment information saved once at Authorize.Net system, which can be used for recurring payments. Authorize.Net provides API library which ease the integration with socialengine platform.

5) Ogone

Ogone is one of the leading payment gateways, which provide payment solutions, enabling banks and merchants to manage their payment activities across all sales channels (in-store, on-line and mobile). It provides easy way to integrate with php based frameworks like SocialEngine. By adding some custom modules, we can easily integrate Ogone payment gateway with SocialEngine.

6) FirstAtlantic

FirstAtlantic based on feature-rich payment system called cGate®, cGate® is a fast and secure, platform-independent, Internet payment gateway. FirstAtlantic provides features like Multi-currency, multi jurisdictional settlement via a single interface, Direct online merchant accounts for multi-currency, international and/or offshore credit card processing, Real-time processing, Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO), Repeat and Subscription Billing etc. SocialEngine owners use this payment gateway for high capacity transactions. Custom development make it easy to integrate most of the features with social engine.


In above article we explore different payment gateway can be integrated with socialengine based e-commerce/online websites. Using socialengine custom development we can provide facility of one or all  above payment gateways to end users. Feel free to contact us in case if you have any query.

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