Is it the right time for magento2 migration ?

Magento 2.0 has been launched for a while now and biggest question for the every online store owner is “Is it the right time for magento2 migration?”. Magento platform has been de-facto for the ecommerce platform and has been used over 240,000 online stores. As e-commerce is evolving and many opportunities to engage customers today for  online store, it can be hard to know which platform should be the most effective. Migrating to latest platform is always challenging business decision for the online store owner as stakes are very high. It involve additional cost and learning but at the same time, nobody wants to keep working on the obsolete system.

In this article, we shall try to help you by giving insights about magento2 migration to help you out in taking the right decision for your online store.

Is it worth Magento2 Migration?

If you are running a online store on Magento 1.9.x and performance of your online store is reasonable then you can keep running your online store for a while but start talking to your solution partner about the migration. Don’t spend too much time/efforts in the existing system as you would need to scrap current platform and it shall not make business sense to keep working on the system. If your store runs on old version than 1.9.x or have performance issues or need constant custom development then it is the best time for you to do the magento2 migration. Download our free evaluation sheet to find out whether your online store need magento2 migration or not.


Magento 2 is totally revamp of it predecessor version and entire file structure has been changed along with the technology stack. Though Magento have a migration tool which shall help to migrate the data from 1.x to 2.0.  Though magento shall support their version 1.x for long time but third party developers would focus development on latest platform so you may either need to develop those new features/theme yourself or give them a miss. Here is the list of things that you should consider while taking decision on magento2 migration:

  • Use off the shelves mobile apps(iOS/Android) base on Latest REST API.
  • Integrate your CRM/CMS/any third party systems with online store using REST API.
  • Reduce Cost and Faster time to market using third-party plugins.
  • Only default magento data shall be migrated to newer system.
  • Downtime during migration(Depends on the data on your online store).
  • Existing Mobile apps shall not work.
  • Loss of custom user design/feature development.
  • Existing third party themes shall not work.
  • Existing third party plugins shall not work and data shall not be transferred.


Here is the list of most important features for the magento 2.0:


  • Built on newly and matured technology stack.

    The new technologies consist of the latest versions of PHP 5.5.x+,MySQL 5.6, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and has it’s in built components Magento UI Library, CSS Pre-processor and Full page caching. Using these platform speed up the development time, resulted in robust and scalable online store. 

  • Support for Web(REST/SOAP) APIs for integrating CRM, CMS or mobile development.

    Magento 2.0  have exposed much refined web API for the platform. Using these APIs one can integrate their CRM  or CMS system with online store. These APIs can help in developing mobile apps(iOS/Android) for online store which was little difficult in the earlier version. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in the mobile app for your online store.

  • Improved Security, Performance and Scalability.

    Improved scalability consists of improved indexers, new Magento performance toolkit, Varnish Cache. Meanwhile the new indexers in Magento 2 come with more efficient updates to speed up performance, Magento performance toolkits support to verify and optimize system performance and Varnish Cache helps reducing server load and speed up the page load.

  • Reduced upgrade efforts and costs.

    Upgrading core Magento software as well as installing and upgrading extensions in Magento 2 will be much easier compared to Magento 1.x.

  • Sleek and polished UI/UX for back office.

    The backend UI is more user-friendly. In the Dashboard, users can see the statistics of each store view by using Scope Filter.Creating or editing a product details has never been faster with the new arrangement of the product fields in the product manager interface.

  • Sleek and responsive theme.

    Using Blank Theme as a starting point is an improvement in Magento 2. It helps ease the workload of front-end developers by providing them with a stripped down version of the theme. Then all they need to do is adding more specific features and customizations as their project needs.

  • Better engagement with the community.

    Another good point of Magento 2 is better engagement with the community. Through Magento 2 webinars and special events, the platform more opened to the community.

Ready to switch ? Contact us for a free consultation to decide your online store magento2 migration. Let us know your availability for a quick call and we shall explore how we can help with your online store.

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