Top six socialengine payment gateway

social engine payment

SocialEngine is a php based platform can be used to build online community site. Website owners can build social networking sites within minutes using SocialEngine. Clients are using SocialEngine site as online store or event management etc site in which payment is one of the vital part for community owners.  In this article we are going to […]

Socialpress – socialengine and wordpress integration

Socialpress - socialengine and wordpress integration

Before going to the socialengine and wordpress integration process, lets have a basic overview of two amazing and powerful php based frameworks “SocialEngine” and “WordPress”. SocialEngine is a software suite that allows creation of customizable online communities. It comes in two flavours: as standalone software package called SocialEngine PHP, and as software as service under the name […]

Integrate payment gateway with SocialEngine

Integrate payment gateway with SocialEngine

Ecommerce and Social networking are trending aspects of today. It seem that these trends shall soon become an essential part of the  our daily routine. Eventually everyone shall use social networking sites to connect with friends and shop online to buy the goods. One of our client had socialcommerce site built on SocialEngine. Since SocialEngine supports Paypal and 2Checkout payment gateways by […]

Case Study: The market potential of mobile commerce in India

Potential of mobile commerce

What does mobile commerce require? Superficially, it requires an incidence of a significant number of mobile phones among the potential users of the service. The other major requirement is obviously the willingness to use the mobile phones for these purposes. With the advent of apps for various ecommerce stores, the latter has mostly been taken […]

Mobile Commerce: Savior of retailers

Mobile Commerce

Conventionally bricks and mortar retailers are facing the giants challenges due to popularity and easy access of online shopping and mobile technology. Shopping and spending is shifting online as technology progresses and consumers become more mobile-savvy. China has recently seen a boom in mobile commerce- opening online stores in messaging apps. Many regional stores in […]

Build your own eCommerce Store using Socialengine community

Build your own eCommerce Store with Socialengine community

A social networking service is an online service that brings people together in a location to talk, sharing, discussions, and chatting with other users over the internet. While for eCommerce people also use to say “online shopping” which is buying and selling of products and services by businesses over the World Wide Web. Today life […]

Driving online sales through socialengine site using wordpress

Driving online sales through socialengine site using wordpress

In the era of online shopping, any organization wants to sell their products in effective manner along with the social networking platform. These organization would like to sell their products to their social networks as review by community shall be more reliable. One of our client demanded this functionality because he is facing problem in managing products on a […]

Social ecommerce: The cost effective integration!!!!

social ecommerce

The social ecommerce is trending these days as users are actively buying things and connecting with their friends online. There are a lot of platforms which currently offer ecommerce and social networking as separate platforms. Both platforms are effective ways to keep your users engaged on the website. Some of the popular ecommerce platforms are Magento, […]

Magento – Add Custom Form in Checkout Steps

By default magento gives some checkout steps. But Sometime you need to fill extra information from the customer for future reference. A common requested customization is to add the Custom Form in default checkout process. Custom Form in Checkout is a complete solution to add extra step in Checkout process for your ecommerce website. It […]

Magento Custom Redirection

The default Magento behavior after login is to redirect the user to his dashboard. A common requested customization is to change this behavior so that the logged in user will be redirected to a different page. When user execute the logout action instead of viewing a boring page that says they logged out, I want […]