Ultimate Magento 1 Developer Guide : Token Base Rest API for authentication and authorization

Security has always been a major concern we talk about high-level applications or mobile apps, especially when we talk about exposing our business through services. I have already explained a lot of REST API in my earlier articles. I explained, how do we create a Magento 1 REST API, how do we get the available categories from the store, How can you search the products in your mobile app etc. This article will explain how to make token based REST API to handle authentication among the devices. There is no standard way of doing token based authentication on the Magento 1 that’s why we design our own security technique and structure which suits best to our application.

One of the key principles of REST is that it’s stateless. This means that the server never keeps user state. In the context of security, this aspect has impacts when implementing security. This means that authentication hints must be sent and verified at each time.  An authenticated user will be allowed to access resources for a particular period of time and can re-instantiate the request with an increased session time delta to access other resource or the same resource.

Magento REST API Security

Magento 1 Security in itself is very complicated and tricky topic. I’ll try to explain how we can achieve it in REST API security in my own way. When we plan to create a mobile app, we especially want to take care of authentication and authorization. There are various ways to achieve security in Magento 1 but we have decided to use token-based authentication on our mobile app.


Authentication is all about the identity of an end user. It’s about validating the identity of a user who is accessing our system, that he is authenticated enough to use our resources or not. Does that end user have valid credentials to log in our system? Credentials can be in the form of a username and password. We’ll use Basic Authentication technique to understand how we can achieve authentication in WebAPI.


Authorization should be considered as a second step after authentication to achieve security. Authorization means what all permissions the authenticated user has to access web resources. Is allowed to access/ perform an action on that resource? This could be achieved by setting roles and permissions for an end user who is authenticated or can be achieved through providing a secure token, using which an end user can have access to other services or resources.

Magenot Token Based Authorization

Authorization part comes just after authentication, once authenticated a service can send a token to an end user through which user can access other resources. The token could be any encrypted key, which only server/service understands and when it fetches the token from the request made by the end user, it validates the token and authorizes user into the system. Token generated could be stored in a database or an external file as well i.e. we need to persist the token for future references. The token can have its own lifetime and may expire accordingly. In that case, the user will again have to be authenticated into the system.

Implementation of the token based authorization in Magento 1

Below is the code which we have used to create & manage tokens in Magento 1.x version.

 Public function generateUserToken($data){
        // get the username & password of the user
        $username = $data['username'];
    	$password = $data['password'];

        // check username password exists on our system or not
         if (!$customer->authenticate($username, $password)) {
              // user is not registered with this Magento 1 website

        // load customer details if exist
	$customerObj = $customer->loadByEmail($username);
	$customerId =  $customerObj->getEntityId();

        // check user token is already generated or not and return token if exist and return the token from database if exist
	$customerapitokensObj = Mage::getModel('customerapi/customerapitokens');
	$customerapitokensObj->load($customerId, 'customer_id');
	if ($customerapitokensObj->getToken()){
		$token = $customerapitokensObj->getToken();
		return $token;

        // generate token and save customer tokens
	try {
                // create MD5 token with username and password and date comibanation to make token unique
		$date  = date("Y-m-d H:i:s")."".$username."".$password;
		$token = md5(uniqid($date, true));
		$customerapitokensObj->setDate(date("Y-m-d H:i:s"));
		$newUserData = $customerapitokensObj->save();
		return $token; 
	} catch (Exception $e) {
		$this->_critical($e->getMessage(), Mage_Api2_Model_Server::HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED);


Database Structure for the Token support




In this article, I tried to explain about how we can build an API application with basic Authentication and Authorization. One can mold this concept to achieve the level of security needed. If you want to implement Token-based-authentication on your Magento 1 mobile apps then you will find these above steps easier. The above code will create and manage the token-based authentication on your Magento 1 store and you can display on your mobile app. If any better approach or solution your thoughts are most welcome. Please share with us so that it might help others as well.


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Three easy steps to create auction website and mobile app

Recently, we were working on the auction website and mobile app built on Magento. Our client wanted an android/ios app and website for their auction platform. After requirement analysis, we decided to use Magento and its Rest API for android/ios app for the custom features. Magento already has some Rest API implementation. Moreover, client’s requirements for the App was different than the standard APIs so we decided to write custom APIs for the platform and expose them to the android/ios app.

As per the recent study, most of the users prefer to have a Mobile app for an Auction. If you are looking for developing an E-auction website and mobile app for your business, then this article is for you. This article gives you the complete guide for creating an auction website and mobile APP in less time, effort and cost. Below is a checklist for creating a website and mobile app for your auction platform.

1. Download and install Magento

Magento, the most popular open source PHP based eCommerce platform. As per the analysis of the survey results of 56,000 websites among the top one million e-commerce sites, it has been revealed that Magento is the undisputed king with an approximate 26% using the same. It has also registered an amazing 20% growth in the last one year!


So we suggest using Magento for your E-Auction platform. Download the Magento from this link and install on your server.

2. Purchase and install the Auction Plugin available for Magento

There are ready-made solutions available for Auction platform.  We recommend you to use these ready-made solutions to reduce the development time and cost. We are have listed our proven extensions which should be used for the auction platform.

auctionAuction extension for Magento By Magestore
The online auction has been a more and more popular trend all over the world! It is a very dynamic pricing environment as buyers are competitors in purchasing good deals or limited products. Many web-store owners want to apply this method on their site, and Magento Auction extension was specially designed for that purpose. You can now create and run auctions right on your site, allowing Customers to bid for items at proper prices as their desire. Price: $149.00

auctionAuction Extension – Bidding Management System
Auction Extension for Magento allows you to sell products on auction similar to eBay. It creates a landing page for products which are available at auction. Customers can visit product detail page to view bid details such as who is the highest bidder, time left etc. and they can place their bids manually or configure it to be posted automatically. They can monitor the bidding process from their accounts. An email is sent to both store owner and bidder on new bid, highest bid, completion of bidding process etc. Price: $109.99

auctionAuction Module for Magento By Webkul
Magento Auction module will enable the auction feature for your shop by which admin can add auction in their product also they can update and delete the auction so that buyer can bid on the product. Admin can set Automatic, Reserve, Incremental Auction for seller’s product. Price : $139.0

Purchase the auction plugin listed above and install on your Magento project. After successfully install the plugin your website is ready for online bidding.

3. Write the API for mobile app

For mobile app development, you need web service for auction functionality. So the next task is to implement the API for your app custom feature. Magento already has some Rest API implementation. Here we need to write to our custom rest API based on our requirements. We can reuse the auction module code in our custom API. Please see the article How to extend and customize Magento REST API.  Once the web service implementation is done, our mobile developer will use this web-service and build a full-fledged auction app.


Good websites involve more than technology and the latest tools. An effective website is a communications platform that requires a solid strategy. These are the very common question we face while creating the website is:

  • Choose the technology or platform?
  • How many cost and time estimation?
  • How can we minimize the cost and time of development etc?

If you are planning to create an auction website and mobile app then this article gives you the complete guide for creating an auction website and mobile App in less time, effort and cost.


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How to recover images in Magento2 ?

Are you a Magento developer who have accidentally deleted some part of the /media folder Magento installation on the server? So the point is find out the way to recover image without affecting the database.
Is there any probability of deleting media folder ?
Well ….As you get your moves in the new platform, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover how similar the line-by-line code you’ll write really is. Magento2 has completely different architecture. The way Magento2 execute is totally different from Magento1.9x. So the real objective of this article is to give you an overview of the most significant differences from Magento 1 that you’ll encounter, basically digging the media.


Automated code generation and deployment play a huge role in Magento 2, and these can be partially understood with a look at the pub directory. Static view file deployment materializes all necessary static assets from their source in application code into the web-accessible pub directory. This deployment process happens automatically in development mode but requires an explicit action in production. This automatic deployment of assets is what allows all JS/CSS code to live in its appropriate module but still be web-accessible in a centralized location. Code generation doesn’t involve the pub directory, but it’s closely related to the concept of deployment. Certain types of PHP classes are now automatically generated by Magento and facilitate more granular and unobtrusive customization than has been possible in the past.

While developing an online store in Magento2, the developer often needs to clear pre-compiled static data from pub directory. So there is a huge chance to accidently delete media directory from pub folder.
So, the scenario is what should be the next step after deleting the media directory? If the is the backup then great restore from there if not then what? Yeah…you upload one by one for all the product…if products are in big numbers, then how embracing will be upload image one by one?

How to recover image?

So, the problem is media directory is deleted but the path for existing product image are available in the database, now we have to import the image with same name and location. Our approach is to read the image file from your backup (provide image name with product-SKU or any specific pattern) and find the path for you each product and then rename image and insert that specific path.
For example, there is a product with SKU PR10001 have image path like /p/r/test-product.jpg. We search the image in image backup directory and save this file as the specified path for the product.

Basically, we have gone through this situation and we have prepared a Magento script for the same. Here is our  Recover Image  GitHub repository link.


If you accidently delete the media directory in Magento, please don’t be panic use our script to recover image for your Magento products. If you have any custom requirement feel free to contact us. Glad to hear from you.


Magento Image Structure

How to increase your store’s sales using Magento mobile app ?

In the age we are in, a mobile app is not optional, it is absolutely essential. In fact, a lot of your target visitors shop online using their mobile phones rather than sitting and stressing themselves out in front of a desktop computer. If you don’t have the Magento Mobile app, you are losing a larger share of your prospects to smart competitors that are doing so.

Mobile now accounts for 60% of eCommerce traffic. Knowing fully well that the first hurdle—having a mobile-friendly website—is absolutely essential, we can discuss, in details, the reason why you need a Magento mobile app.

The reason why you need a Magento mobile app ?

1. Rapidly Increment in mobile phone users :

With the advent of different mobile phone brands coupled with the improvement in technology, the number of mobile phone users, using their mobile phone for eCommerce shopping, are over 60%, with almost 10% increase from the year 2014. Another important reason is the convenience of mobile phone usage in accessing eCommerce stores. Day-in-day-out, people prefer using their handheld smartphones rather than sitting in front of their desktop computers. Targeting these 60% customers with an easy-to-use Magento mobile app is a big assurance to increasing sales.

2. Brings better experience to customers :

What a time saver is the Magento mobile app! Customers now enjoy the best experience. For example, the mobile app provides you an easy and faster process of accessing your eCommerce store with just a few clicks on the app. Just imagine: starting your desktop computer, typing the URL to access the store, going to different new pop-up pages, attending to customer queries, and other stuff; Isn’t that time-consuming?

But the good news is, with a mobile app, your customers can save a lot of time by tapping on the app, easy to scan through your store, choose desired products and quickly proceed to the checkout page. The main benefit is that you are not only saving your precious time, you save the time of your esteem customers too. How? Since your customized Magento would be made available to your customers in Android and iPhone versions, they can easy to access your store anytime, anywhere.

3. Push notifications :

How do you increase sales when customers are not abreast of current additions, discounts and other mouth-watering offers you have in your store? Your online store can experience a massive increase in sales, via the Magento mobile app, by sending push notifications to your esteem customers. Whether you are offering a discount program or introducing a new product, the push notifications from the Magento mobile app can help you to increase sales. The moment the notification drops on your customers’ phones, they are tempted to buy the new product, or enjoy the discount offered, which leads to increase in sales for you. It has been confirmed, according to research, that the click rate of push notifications is between 45% and 75%- a high rate.

Push notifications from the Magento mobile app also increase customer retention and engagement. Mobile app with such a powerful feature like “push notification” will improve your sale by 50%

4. Payment gateway :

With the Magento mobile app, you are offered several payment gateways, both the ones that come with Magento, and other payment options you consider suitable for you and your customers. With that, you are never going to miss out on any sale due to payment issues.

Conclusion :

Technology has afforded many individuals the opportunity of owning a mobile phone. As this trend increases, the way people shop online- the means of accessing eCommerce stores- has also increased. To this change, you need the Magento mobile app to reduce your stress and increase your sales by at least 50%. 

Want to see what mobile app development can do for your e-commerce business or startup? There are various native e-commerce mobile apps available in the market for example MagentoShopSimiCart etc.

Looking for a native Magento mobile app builder (iOS/Android) for your Magento based online marketplace? Try the 30-day free trial of our Magento mobile app, go mobile commerce in a few hours and increase your sales exponentially. No Setup Fee, Pay as you go pack at just $69/month.
Looking for a native Magento mobile app builder (iOS/Android) for your Magento based online marketplace? Try the 30-day free trial of our Magento mobile app, go mobile commerce in a few hours and increase your sales exponentially. No Setup Fee, Pay as you go pack at just $69/month.

7 Reasons to choose Magento eCommerce platform for your Online Store

The journey to launching your product on the internet and in essence to the World Wide Web has never been beautiful and easy. Magento 2, the new Magento eCommerce platform has your answers on the fingertips. It is time to move your traditional stores from physical world to the virtual world. If you are a retailer and you have been dreaming of getting online, your dream has come true with Magneto eCommerce platform.

All you have to do to try out our free trial setting and you are on your way to launching your products and stores online. The free trial gives you an opportunity to sample our Magento eCommerce platform and make an informed decision. Apart from setting up your store using affordable means, Magneto eCommerce platform helps you to migrate your core uniqueness in terms of your logo and color schemes online. Therefore, you clients would not get confused when they search your retail store online. It is a matter of getting into action, there are no upfront charges on our platform.

Benefits of Magento eCommerce platform

1. Open Source

Magento is a free eCommerce platform. It uses open source technologies and programming languages. The benefits of the open source are

  • Reliability
  • Stability
  • Auditability
  • Cost
  • Flexibility and Freedom
  • Support and Accountability

Magento facilitates above with high flexibility for developers.

2. Large Support Community

Magento community rapidly grows day by  day. Huge no of professional developers are working on Magento. They are always ready to support for any technical and programming help. Here is the few Magento solution hub.

  • Stack Exchange : This platform an interface to communicate with huge no of Magento developers. You can browse for the solution or ask anything related to Magento programming, technical issue, hosting etc.
  • Magento Community : This is an official forum for Magento. Basically, this provides a complete solution of Magento.

3. Extension and Themes

Magento Connect and Magento Marketplace is superstore of Theme and Extension for Magento 1.9.x and Magento 2 respectively. If you want to enhance the functionality of your eCommerce store you no need to start from scratch there are huge no of extension available in Magento Marketplace. There are extensions for anything from SEO and blogging to image handling and affiliate marketing. All of the extension have ratings and reviews, enabling you to decide whether to install or purchase one.

4. Multiple stores

One of the great features is Magento can run multiple storefronts from a single backend system. If you are running multiple stores for multiple brands but want to maintain one harmonized backend system then Magento should be the best eCommerce platform for you.

5. Support

The IT developers of Magento are ready to serve their support to the users. Along with an informational blog, Magento has a knowledge base, forums for chatting with other users and all the contact information you need for calling or emailing the company. It provides technical and business help as well.

6. Ready to Host

As being a large community there are lots of Magento Hosting provider. There are a lot of option to choose to host your Magento store on the basis of optimization, price, performance, scalability according to the size of your store. There are ready to use hosted Magento store, just add your theme and product and launch your site as soon as you want. Some of the are:
Ipragmatech : Scalable Magento2 stack AMI is ready to run, prebuilt environment setting for scalability, performance and high availability for your online store.
Bitmani : Launch Magento with one click from the Bitnami Cloud Launchpad for Amazon Web Services.

7. Ready to use Mobile APP

We all aware of the Mobile commerce, how it effect your eCommerce business. In this digital era, you can’t afford the cost of missing the mobile app of your store. There is huge no of Magento developers and Magento based mobile application development company who provides the ready-made solution just plug the app into your Magento store and lunch for your customer. Some of the are:

Ipragmatech : Magento mobile app for your Magento based online marketplace. Try 30days free Magento android app.
Simicart : Magento mobile solution for your Magento store.


If you want to stay in this competitive eCommerce business environment, choose Magento eCommerce platform for your eCommerce store. Magento platform has numerous features and functionalities that can make your Magento site as the most loved and preferred eCommerce site among your customers .Once you have tested the Magento eCommerce platform and experienced the sweetness of technological advancement. Imagine selling your goods using a mobile app at the comfort your living room. Magneto platform exists to simplify your life. Try it today and see the difference.

Top 10 best magento extensions to increase sales of online store

Building eCommerce platform can be a challenging task for any online store as one don’t know which feature or design shall work for the end customers. We wish our life would have been easy if We would have the list of required best magento extensions which were essential for a hotel booking platform.

So in this article, We are have listed our proven extensions/features which should be the must for any eCommerce platform. Below is the best Magento extensions for increase sale and conversion rate of the online store.

Top 10 best Magento extensions to increase sales

1. Magento One Step Checkout :

Magento One Step Checkout Extension makes checkout steps appear together on a single page. It will reduce your customer abandonment and increase conversion. Below is the list of one step checkout extension:

auctionOne Step Checkout By MageStore
Do you know that the average abandoned cart rate is over 66%? Many customers abandon online shopping at the checkout page due to a complicated process. One Step Checkout extension! All checkout information such as billing address, shipping and payment method will be displayed together for customers to fill in/ correct information any step. You will be amazed at the significant increase in your store’s conversion rate after installing our Magento One Step Checkout extension! Price : $299

auctionOne Step Checkout by apptha
One step checkout extension facilitates the customers’ checkout method by filling up the personal information, payment methods in a single page and completes the purchase in seconds. Magento One Page checkout has user friendly interface. This extension provides an Ajax update feature for different shipping and payment methods for different country and different region. Price : $99

2. Online Price bargain extension

This extension allows customer for bargaining & offer the best price for the product before buying so it increases the conversion rate of sales. Below is the list of Price bargain plugins:

auctionTH Online Price Bargaining Extension for Magento
We all love to bargain whenever we go shopping in local retail markets and purchase our order at the lowest price we could get. Online Price Bargaining Extension allows you to offer the same comfort and shopping experience to your customers while shopping online on your store. Price : $59

auctionPrice quote request by iPragmatech
The Price Bargain Extension for Magento allows your customers to do online negotiation. This plugin will help you when your store sells items that don’t have fixed prices. The customers make an online query and the store owner can reply to them with the best available price. This way, the store owner can easily create lifetime customers! Price : $349

3. Google analytics Magento extension

Google Analytics is a free Google service which allows the webmasters and website administrators to monitor their websites’ traffic and conversion ratio. Below is the list of Google analytics  extensions :

4. Magento Multivendor plugin

Multivendor plugin allows multiple vendors to sell their products and manage orders on your Magento store, thus increasing potential sales conversions for the store owner. Below is the list of multivendor extensions:

5. Payment Gateway Plugin

A payment gateway, in essence, is an eCommerce service that processes, verifies and accepts or declines credit card transactions on a merchant’s behalf through secure Internet connections. Below is the list of Payment gateway plugin available for Magento:

6. Magento Live Chat

“Many online consumers want help from a live person while they are shopping online; in fact, 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.” . There are so many live chat plugins available for Magento , some of are:

7. Easy FAQ extension

Answering customer queries are the main purpose of an FAQ page but it can be so much more than you realise. FAQ will help to build relationships with customers. These are the FAQ plugin available for Magento:

8. Magento cache plugins

In today’s world of eCommerce, site speed and performance of your online store is of top importance. Magento cache plugins help to improve the performance of your eCommerce website. These are the cache plugin available for Magento:

9. Magento blog extension

Blogging is a great way to build your audience and generate more traffic and sales for your business. Every eCommerce website must have blogging feature if they want to increase the traffic on his store. These are the list of magneto blogs plugins:

10. Magento Mobile app:

As per the recent study, most of the users prefer to have a mobile app for online shopping.  These are the list of Magento mobile app extension available for Magento:


Driving traffic and conversion rate is one of the major concerns for an eCommerce website especially when it is relatively new So that the potential customers end up buying products. So by using these top 10 best Magento extensions we can be driving traffic, increase sale and conversion rate for our eCommerce store.

7 reasons how ecommerce business benefits retailers & wholesalers

With the rise of the internet, eCommerce website becomes the unexpected way to grow the business to the higher level. Many companies have their own eCommerce site and they are taking their benefits to the extreme point. If you are a retailer, you cannot afford to miss out on the benefits of the internet. So let’s check out here, how eCommerce business benefits retailers.

Reasons eCommerce business benefits retailers

1. Increase customer engagement through email marketing: It is quite tough to collect email addresses of customers and other useful details. Gathering information online is much more effective as website visitors can do this on their own time. An eCommerce website facilitates the collection of such data to enable email marketing. A customer simply visits your site and if impressed, leaves his email to subscribe to your promotions. Email marketing is very effective, sometimes customers do not have enough time to navigate through all your products by visiting your offline store. So you can send promotional notifications to the customer for your products in personal so that they can explore store product in a better way.

2. Increase sale via search engines: If you have an eCommerce website, a customer can find you by a simple search. Having a good eCommerce website make you rank well in search engines and the higher you rank, you get better traffic to your website and as a result increase sales for you.

3. eCommerce website is customer convenient: Allow prospective customers to shop where, how, and when they want. Mostly people like to shop online to avoid traveling time and traffic while enjoying the comfort of their own home. Consider a situation where people have working shift while your store is open when they became free your store is closed. Having an eCommerce website for your store gives them the ability to shop when they want; including times that your store is closed. Remember, your eCommerce store is ALWAYS open. Regardless of an individual’s reasons, more and more people are turning online to get shopping done.

4. Increase visibility: Every store has certain promotions and is always looking for ways to spread the word about their newest deals. Your eCommerce store is another avenue to market your special promotions. Every business needs promotions to expand its market share, getting new customers to try out your product and remind existing ones that they made the right choice. The online community is large and always ready to sample products that give them value for their money. Create your own eCommerce website and carry out the appropriate promotions to increase your visibility.

5. Cost effectiveness: As compared to running an actual offline shop, the expenses involved with running an eCommerce website is pretty low. When you run an offline store, you need to rent a place, hire employees and also pay up for any peripheral costs such as electricity, water, etc. With an eCommerce business, you are saved all of this trouble and thus can reduce your expenses considerably. As the result, you can reduce your product cost to attract customers.

6. Connecting with social media: For your business connecting with social media(eg. facebook, twitter etc) really have a great advantage. Following social media, you need to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to buy your products. Continue to provide valuable content and then start sending your followers to your website is the best way to turn followers into customers. If you have good products on your eCommercer website then it can be shared among thousand of the customer within a minute by the customer itself resulting you can reach worldwide new customer day by day. Such a way eCommerce business benefits retailers.

7. eCommerce Offers a Personalized Experience to Customer: There are many ways in which eCommerce can be used to facilitate a more personal connection with customers. For example, an eCommerce web site could include personal recommendations, order tracking, quick customer service, or rewards point, special discount, real-time price negotiation allowing your business to offer the same kind of personal service online that you would offer face to face in the offline store.


Whatever the reason is customers appreciate the convenience of online shopping. Suppose in the real world, you set up shop at ‘A’ place, your target customer will be the people from the nearby regions which really limit the consumers you may get. But with the eCommerce website, there are no such barriers. As discussed earlier in this article how eCommerce business benefits retailers, so retailers plan to set up your eCommerce store.

There are lots of open sources which really reduce your setup cost for your eCommerce store. like Magento, woo-commerce, Prestashop, Shopify etc. Feel free to contact us regarding technical or any other help to setup your eCommerce store.



9 Reasons Why You Need Magento Mobile App For Online Store?

eCommerce is the buying and selling of products over an electronic network. There are many ecommerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and many more available which provides ready to go solution for clients. Though there are many platforms but Magento is most famous and vastly used by online stores. In this article we examined 9 reasons that explain why you need magento mobile app for online store.

Magento based on open source platform which provides smooth shopping cart system with control over the look and functionality of the store. It provides SEO, items management and other tools which enforce trader to have mobile app for superb shopping experience for customers.  Here is the list of features which explain the benefits of Magento and reasons why you need magento mobile app for online store.

Key reasons why you need magento mobile app for your online store:

1. MobileCommerce- Magento provides one admin panel for multiple devices. It gives seamless integration to product catalog, CMS and store configurations and wide range of checkout capabilities. It reduces maintenance costs and eases to updates sites with user friendly section.

2. Catalog Management- Magento create different price points for different customer groups, such as wholesalers and retailers. Magento manages simple, configurable (e.g. size, color, etc.), bundled and grouped products.

3. Product Browsing- Magento gives the multiple images per product with different size,color and brands with image zoom capability.

4. Search Engine Optimization- SEO of magento is 100% search engine friendly. It provides Google Site Map and Google content API for shopping.

5. Web Services API – Built in support for SOAP v1, SOAP v2, XMLRPC, REST with 3-legged OAuth 1.0a with XML and JSON data format for Data Request and Response.

6. CheckOut,Payment and Shipping- Magento provides the functionality of one-page checkout with additional feature of guest checkout or checkout with account to use address book. Magento gives the facility of shipping to multiple addresses in one order. Magento provides the integration with multiple PayPal gateways with free shipping.

7. Customer Service- A good customer service is provided by the Magento with order tracking from account and order history with status updates.

8. Internationalization support- With international support for localization, multiple currencies and tax rates provided by Magento. Also support for accented characters and right to left text and configurable list of allowed countries for certain features.

9. Analytics and Reporting- Magento is integrated with Google Analytics. It gives the Sales report, Tax report, Tags report, Total sales invoice and Total sale refunded.


In above article we explained benefits to use Magento mobile app for online store. Magento is covering more than 60% of eCommerce market. Those looking for a robust and powerful eCommerce solution need not to look beyond Magento. From start-up businesses to large-scale enterprises, Magento can cater to all for the most stringent of their eCommerce needs. There are ready to go solution like  MagentoShop – Shopping App , Magento Manager and Magento Mobile Store etc available in market which launch magento based mobile store in quick time.