Three easy steps to create auction website and mobile app

Recently, we were working on the auction website and mobile app built on Magento. Our client wanted an android/ios app and website for their auction platform. After requirement analysis, we decided to use Magento and its Rest API for android/ios app for the custom features. Magento already has some Rest API implementation. Moreover, client’s requirements for the App was different than the standard APIs so we decided to write custom APIs for the platform and expose them to the android/ios app.

As per the recent study, most of the users prefer to have a Mobile app for an Auction. If you are looking for developing an E-auction website and mobile app for your business, then this article is for you. This article gives you the complete guide for creating an auction website and mobile APP in less time, effort and cost. Below is a checklist for creating a website and mobile app for your auction platform.

1. Download and install Magento

Magento, the most popular open source PHP based eCommerce platform. As per the analysis of the survey results of 56,000 websites among the top one million e-commerce sites, it has been revealed that Magento is the undisputed king with an approximate 26% using the same. It has also registered an amazing 20% growth in the last one year!


So we suggest using Magento for your E-Auction platform. Download the Magento from this link and install on your server.

2. Purchase and install the Auction Plugin available for Magento

There are ready-made solutions available for Auction platform.  We recommend you to use these ready-made solutions to reduce the development time and cost. We are have listed our proven extensions which should be used for the auction platform.

auctionAuction extension for Magento By Magestore
The online auction has been a more and more popular trend all over the world! It is a very dynamic pricing environment as buyers are competitors in purchasing good deals or limited products. Many web-store owners want to apply this method on their site, and Magento Auction extension was specially designed for that purpose. You can now create and run auctions right on your site, allowing Customers to bid for items at proper prices as their desire. Price: $149.00

auctionAuction Extension – Bidding Management System
Auction Extension for Magento allows you to sell products on auction similar to eBay. It creates a landing page for products which are available at auction. Customers can visit product detail page to view bid details such as who is the highest bidder, time left etc. and they can place their bids manually or configure it to be posted automatically. They can monitor the bidding process from their accounts. An email is sent to both store owner and bidder on new bid, highest bid, completion of bidding process etc. Price: $109.99

auctionAuction Module for Magento By Webkul
Magento Auction module will enable the auction feature for your shop by which admin can add auction in their product also they can update and delete the auction so that buyer can bid on the product. Admin can set Automatic, Reserve, Incremental Auction for seller’s product. Price : $139.0

Purchase the auction plugin listed above and install on your Magento project. After successfully install the plugin your website is ready for online bidding.

3. Write the API for mobile app

For mobile app development, you need web service for auction functionality. So the next task is to implement the API for your app custom feature. Magento already has some Rest API implementation. Here we need to write to our custom rest API based on our requirements. We can reuse the auction module code in our custom API. Please see the article How to extend and customize Magento REST API.  Once the web service implementation is done, our mobile developer will use this web-service and build a full-fledged auction app.


Good websites involve more than technology and the latest tools. An effective website is a communications platform that requires a solid strategy. These are the very common question we face while creating the website is:

  • Choose the technology or platform?
  • How many cost and time estimation?
  • How can we minimize the cost and time of development etc?

If you are planning to create an auction website and mobile app then this article gives you the complete guide for creating an auction website and mobile App in less time, effort and cost.


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