Top 10 best magento extensions to increase sales of online store

Building eCommerce platform can be a challenging task for any online store as one don’t know which feature or design shall work for the end customers. We wish our life would have been easy if We would have the list of required best magento extensions which were essential for a hotel booking platform.

So in this article, We are have listed our proven extensions/features which should be the must for any eCommerce platform. Below is the best Magento extensions for increase sale and conversion rate of the online store.

Top 10 best Magento extensions to increase sales

1. Magento One Step Checkout :

Magento One Step Checkout Extension makes checkout steps appear together on a single page. It will reduce your customer abandonment and increase conversion. Below is the list of one step checkout extension:

auctionOne Step Checkout By MageStore
Do you know that the average abandoned cart rate is over 66%? Many customers abandon online shopping at the checkout page due to a complicated process. One Step Checkout extension! All checkout information such as billing address, shipping and payment method will be displayed together for customers to fill in/ correct information any step. You will be amazed at the significant increase in your store’s conversion rate after installing our Magento One Step Checkout extension! Price : $299

auctionOne Step Checkout by apptha
One step checkout extension facilitates the customers’ checkout method by filling up the personal information, payment methods in a single page and completes the purchase in seconds. Magento One Page checkout has user friendly interface. This extension provides an Ajax update feature for different shipping and payment methods for different country and different region. Price : $99

2. Online Price bargain extension

This extension allows customer for bargaining & offer the best price for the product before buying so it increases the conversion rate of sales. Below is the list of Price bargain plugins:

auctionTH Online Price Bargaining Extension for Magento
We all love to bargain whenever we go shopping in local retail markets and purchase our order at the lowest price we could get. Online Price Bargaining Extension allows you to offer the same comfort and shopping experience to your customers while shopping online on your store. Price : $59

auctionPrice quote request by Pragmaapps
The Price Bargain Extension for Magento allows your customers to do online negotiation. This plugin will help you when your store sells items that don’t have fixed prices. The customers make an online query and the store owner can reply to them with the best available price. This way, the store owner can easily create lifetime customers! Price : $349

3. Google analytics Magento extension

Google Analytics is a free Google service which allows the webmasters and website administrators to monitor their websites’ traffic and conversion ratio. Below is the list of Google analytics  extensions :

4. Magento Multivendor plugin

Multivendor plugin allows multiple vendors to sell their products and manage orders on your Magento store, thus increasing potential sales conversions for the store owner. Below is the list of multivendor extensions:

5. Payment Gateway Plugin

A payment gateway, in essence, is an eCommerce service that processes, verifies and accepts or declines credit card transactions on a merchant’s behalf through secure Internet connections. Below is the list of Payment gateway plugin available for Magento:

6. Magento Live Chat

“Many online consumers want help from a live person while they are shopping online; in fact, 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.” . There are so many live chat plugins available for Magento , some of are:

7. Easy FAQ extension

Answering customer queries are the main purpose of an FAQ page but it can be so much more than you realise. FAQ will help to build relationships with customers. These are the FAQ plugin available for Magento:

8. Magento cache plugins

In today’s world of eCommerce, site speed and performance of your online store is of top importance. Magento cache plugins help to improve the performance of your eCommerce website. These are the cache plugin available for Magento:

9. Magento blog extension

Blogging is a great way to build your audience and generate more traffic and sales for your business. Every eCommerce website must have blogging feature if they want to increase the traffic on his store. These are the list of magneto blogs plugins:

10. Magento Mobile app:

As per the recent study, most of the users prefer to have a mobile app for online shopping.  These are the list of Magento mobile app extension available for Magento:


Driving traffic and conversion rate is one of the major concerns for an eCommerce website especially when it is relatively new So that the potential customers end up buying products. So by using these top 10 best Magento extensions we can be driving traffic, increase sale and conversion rate for our eCommerce store.

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