7 Reasons to choose Magento eCommerce platform for your Online Store

The journey to launching your product on the internet and in essence to the World Wide Web has never been beautiful and easy. Magento 2, the new Magento eCommerce platform has your answers on the fingertips. It is time to move your traditional stores from physical world to the virtual world. If you are a retailer and you have been dreaming of getting online, your dream has come true with Magneto eCommerce platform.

All you have to do to try out our free trial setting and you are on your way to launching your products and stores online. The free trial gives you an opportunity to sample our Magento eCommerce platform and make an informed decision. Apart from setting up your store using affordable means, Magneto eCommerce platform helps you to migrate your core uniqueness in terms of your logo and color schemes online. Therefore, you clients would not get confused when they search your retail store online. It is a matter of getting into action, there are no upfront charges on our platform.

Benefits of Magento eCommerce platform

1. Open Source

Magento is a free eCommerce platform. It uses open source technologies and programming languages. The benefits of the open source are

  • Reliability
  • Stability
  • Auditability
  • Cost
  • Flexibility and Freedom
  • Support and Accountability

Magento facilitates above with high flexibility for developers.

2. Large Support Community

Magento community rapidly grows day by  day. Huge no of professional developers are working on Magento. They are always ready to support for any technical and programming help. Here is the few Magento solution hub.

  • Stack Exchange : This platform an interface to communicate with huge no of Magento developers. You can browse for the solution or ask anything related to Magento programming, technical issue, hosting etc.
  • Magento Community : This is an official forum for Magento. Basically, this provides a complete solution of Magento.

3. Extension and Themes

Magento Connect and Magento Marketplace is superstore of Theme and Extension for Magento 1.9.x and Magento 2 respectively. If you want to enhance the functionality of your eCommerce store you no need to start from scratch there are huge no of extension available in Magento Marketplace. There are extensions for anything from SEO and blogging to image handling and affiliate marketing. All of the extension have ratings and reviews, enabling you to decide whether to install or purchase one.

4. Multiple stores

One of the great features is Magento can run multiple storefronts from a single backend system. If you are running multiple stores for multiple brands but want to maintain one harmonized backend system then Magento should be the best eCommerce platform for you.

5. Support

The IT developers of Magento are ready to serve their support to the users. Along with an informational blog, Magento has a knowledge base, forums for chatting with other users and all the contact information you need for calling or emailing the company. It provides technical and business help as well.

6. Ready to Host

As being a large community there are lots of Magento Hosting provider. There are a lot of option to choose to host your Magento store on the basis of optimization, price, performance, scalability according to the size of your store. There are ready to use hosted Magento store, just add your theme and product and launch your site as soon as you want. Some of the are:
Ipragmatech : Scalable Magento2 stack AMI is ready to run, prebuilt environment setting for scalability, performance and high availability for your online store.
Bitmani : Launch Magento with one click from the Bitnami Cloud Launchpad for Amazon Web Services.

7. Ready to use Mobile APP

We all aware of the Mobile commerce, how it effect your eCommerce business. In this digital era, you can’t afford the cost of missing the mobile app of your store. There is huge no of Magento developers and Magento based mobile application development company who provides the ready-made solution just plug the app into your Magento store and lunch for your customer. Some of the are:

Ipragmatech : Magento mobile app for your Magento based online marketplace. Try 30days free Magento android app.
Simicart : Magento mobile solution for your Magento store.


If you want to stay in this competitive eCommerce business environment, choose Magento eCommerce platform for your eCommerce store. Magento platform has numerous features and functionalities that can make your Magento site as the most loved and preferred eCommerce site among your customers .Once you have tested the Magento eCommerce platform and experienced the sweetness of technological advancement. Imagine selling your goods using a mobile app at the comfort your living room. Magneto platform exists to simplify your life. Try it today and see the difference.

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