SMS Plugin – Sync friends and Nexmo Support

On the eve of Christmas, we are happy to introduce enticing new features to our SMS Plugin. In continuation of our effort to enhance the experience of SMS feature on Social Engine platform, we are releasing some new features. These features add support for some new Gateways, ability to show sender’s reference (dependent on gateway support) and ability to synch contacts with one’s socialengine friend list.

SMS Plugin – New Features

Nexmo Support, we now support nexmo as an additional gateway to send SMS. Nexmo is one of the major players in the SMS space and have an efficient infrastructure for enabling SMS communication. Please visit their site to check if they support sending SMS to destinations you wish to send messages.

Synch Contacts, one can now synchronize their friend list contacts with the SMS plugin contacts. This will help the users avoid the hassle of adding contacts manually and also the contacts can be searched by both name and number.


 Sender’s Reference, now one can choose to display their name, company/organization name or phone number on the sent SMS. This feature is dependent on the gateway one is using.


Pragmaapps would like to bless you with a very warm and happy Christmas! All of us are relieved that the world showed no signs of ending on Friday as predicted by many, We hope you have new plans for 2013, launching a new social network, mobile apps.. 🙂

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