Best apps to find car in parking lot

Have you ever stood in the parking lot of your favorite mall or stadium or airport watching some poor individual wander around looking for their car?  Have you ever had difficulty remembering or finding where you parked your car ? Losing our cars in the parking lot is something that has happened to all of us. We park our cars and walk in without paying attention, and then spend at least an hour afterwards trying to remember where the car is. If losing your car is something that happens to you on a regular basis, these applications shall help you find your car in the parking lot.

WhereDidiPark – Windows mobile

Wheredidipark is one of the popular windows mobile apps to find your car in the parking lot. Just start the application and click on “Park” button when you have parked your car. When you later need to find where you parked, click on “Find” button and you will see a map of where you are and where your car is.

The app would also remind you when your parking time is running low using alarm alerts. Don’t worry if you have parked your car at some place where GPS don’t work, app allows to take the pictures of the locations and allow you to note down the notes for the location.It’s that simple !

You can also take photos of where you parked, note your slot, set a reminder for parking time.

  1. Camera – Take photos where you are parked in case there is no gps connection.
  2. Alarm – Get rid of parking tickets by setting an alarm to notify if your parking meter or hours is up.
  3. Note – Add additionals notes like the parking level & slot number
  4. SMS – Share your location with your friend & families via text messaging

Find My Car – iphone

“Wondering around helplessly trying to find your parked car is a common recurring mid-life frustration dream, but it need never again be a reality with this inspired application. Find My Car puts an end to the ignominy of misplacing your car.” – The Wall Street Journal.

Find My Car is a simple application that uses GPS location services to help you find your car. You will never forget where you parked!

Find My Car – Android

Tired of searching where you have parked your car? Then check this app out!
Tired of searching where you have parked your car?

Use this app to:

– remember the GPS position of your car, hotel or any other location (with GPS)
– show your current position and your car position on the map (or open an external app with the GPS position)
– use Google Navigation (or an external app) to navigate to your car
– compass navigation: offline navigation with a compass
– share your stored positions (or your current position) with your friends
– take a picture of your parking spot (eg: in underground parking)
– store as many positions as you want. Use import/export-feature for backup
– emergency button: send a pre-configured SMS with your current position to a family member to notify them about your whereabouts with only 2 clicks (must be activated in the settings first)
– Widget: Store your current parking position with one-click (and find it again with 1-click). Attention: DO NOT install the app on your external SD card! The app must be installed on the internal memory, otherwise the widget WON’T work!!!

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