SMS Plugin – Delivery Status and Conversation History

This month was eventful for iPagmatech,We have been featured as spotlight developer for socialengine and got overwhelming responses from our clients. In continuation of our effort to enhance the experience of SMS feature on Social Engine platform, we are releasing some new features. These features mainly focus on easing the way users can send SMS to each other in the community and get the status of the sent SMS. Delivery status of the SMS is essential in case of urgent SMS so this plugin allow user to check the delivery status of SMS.

New Features:

Now sender (logged in user) can send SMS to other user from other user’s profile page. We have added a widget to send SMS that will be displayed on user’s profile.

A conversation history will also be displayed that will show the recent 5 messages sent to a user by the sender. Sender would be allowed to view the conversation hitsory between sender and recipient only. Sender will be able to see this history along with the delivery status.This feature shall allow users to check the status of their urgent SMS and not bothered about calling them.

Notifications of sent and received SMS will be sent to respective sender and receiver as Socialengine message.This way user can track the previous conversations. Also Failed SMS delivery notifications to the sender along with appropriate error messages. User get the update notification whenever user login to the socialengine community.

We hope you will enjoy using these new features of our SMS plugin. We are trying to make SMS plugin a valuable asset for community and trying to add more features in our weekly build. Please don’t hesitate to send us your valuable suggestions for the plugins and we would try to add those features in the SMS plugin. Let us know if you have any question.

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