SMS Plugin: Send SMS to all community, group or invidual member

In the previous blog, we discussed how a community owner can monetize the social community using SMS plugin. In this blog, we discuss how a community owner can keep the community traffic active with the latest features of SMS plugin. We strive to build a partnership with our clients by providing solutions that have profound value and enable our clients to have more user activities on their community. Our clients have already started using the SMS plugin along with third party plugins like HE Credits and Activity Points. Few of our clients wanted a simple way to keep their users informed about their community or special events using SMS.

After working hard on SMS plugin for couple of weeks, we have come up with more features where community owner can take advance of the SMS plugin and can send SMS to all the community users. There is very simple user interface to send SMS to all the community member. The Admin can easily select the mobile field from the control admin which shall be used to send SMS to the community member.

SMS All Members

SMS Settings

We have also added the support for sending the sms to close group members just like sending the email messages. This feature shall help group owner to send Reminders, Alerts, Seasons Greetings, Notifications to group members. This would also help group owner to keep in touch with the group members and keep the community members active.

Last latest feature that would allow a community user to send SMS to another user from user profile page.Its ajax based widget which can be placed in the member profile page and user can send SMS to user. Most of users are now using community sites these days and spend at least 2-3 hours on the community site. This plugin’s feature would allow the users to send sms to other users without using their mobile as typing on handset is relatively harder than on system. This shall help community owners to keep the community active.

We are trying to make SMS plugin a valuable asset for community and trying to add more features in our weekly build. Please don’t hesitate to send us your valuable suggestions for the plugins and we would try to add those features in the SMS plugin. Let us know if you have any question.

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