Empower socialengine with SMS Notifications

Notification alerts plays vital part for any community and every user would like to know what happening in the social network. SMS alerts are effective way to keep your community engaged with your community events and information about their social network regardless of their handset type or data plan. SMS messages are a common form of communication for mobile phone users and a great way to distribute information to several people at once.  So we have added the support for SMS notifications in our SMS plugin and the support for notification can be easily added in the socialengine community.

SMS plugin enhance the ability of your socialengine community to notify people about events,group topics, friend request and any other things that involves sending out notifications to members of community. SMS Notifications are designed to alert your community users when important events occur involving their account or anything important happening in the community.  A community administrator also has the ability to setup the SMS notifications settings just like the default email notifications settings. Administrator can identify for which events to send SMS notifications and also identify the set of user level whom the SMS should be sent.

We are putting our best efforts to make SMS plugin a valuable asset for community and constantly adding more features in our build. Please don’t hesitate to send us your valuable suggestions for the plugins and we would try to add those features in the SMS plugin. Let us know if you have any question.

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