3 Flickr Groups For Travelers To Share Their Cruise Experiences

Many travelers look forward to going on cruises. They will have the chance to explore new places, meet other fascinating people and partake in activities that they otherwise wouldn’t try. If you are going on a cruise then you will probably want to share pictures of your experiences with other travelers. There are actually a number of great Flickr groups dedicated to sharing pictures of cruises. You may want to check these groups out and share pictures of your trip.

Flickr Groups Cruise Travelers May Want to Look Into

Flickr is a great site for anyone who wants to share pictures with likeminded individuals. Many people who have been on cruises want to share their experiences on this site. However, some groups are not active so there isn’t much point using them. Here are three of the best groups that you might want to look into:

Cruise Ships

This group is aptly named Cruise Ships because members can share pictures of cruise ships they have either been on or seen. The content is public and anyone can contribute.

There are currently over 3,000 members who have submitted over 60,000 pictures. The group is fairly diverse with photos from travelers all over the world. There seem to be more members from the United States and United Kingdom, but there are a lot of travelers who have been to other regions as well. Some travelers have shared some very cool pictures of ships on their recent trip to Morocco, the Mediterranean Sea and the coasts of Africa. This is definitely a cool group to check out.

Cruise Enthusiasts

This group is a bit more flexible in its posting rules than Cruise Ships. Members are allowed to post any pictures of their cruise trip even if they don’t have a picture of the ship itself.

Many of the same pictures that were submitted to Cruise Ships were submitted to this group as well. However, the group also has a number of other pictures. There are pictures of fireworks off the coast of Venice, cathedrals in Santorini and locals living in the Isle of Pines.

There is also a very great discussion board for people who want to discuss their trips and share tips. One commenter even shared an interesting fact about how U.S. cruise ships have to be built and registered in the country. This is definitely an interesting group to go if you want to learn more about what to expect on a cruise and speak with fellow travelers.

Cruise Photography

This is a smaller Flickr group, but it has some awesome pictures as well. The point of the group is for people to share their best cruise experiences.

The group has some limits on the number of submissions that you can make in a day and the community tends to create higher standards than many other posts. This means that there are fewer submissions, but it also means that you don’t need to spend much less time searching for original pictures.

About the author: Kalen is a frequent traveler who has been on several cruises. He recommends that you travel to Alaska with Norwegian Cruise Line at some point in your life.

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