Why should you change image using socialengine avatar plugin?

Want to enhance your Socialengine website by providing your users with new Avatar? Socialengine avatar represents its own personality and sometimes it’s very difficult to find out the user’s gender based on user default image. In social engine it’s always a challenge for admin to set a separate avatar for different gender because socialengine use a common avatar for all genders.

Our Socialengine developers are happy to introduce enticing new features to our Social Engine Avatar plugin which delivers the much requested feature of allowing Admin to upload avatar based on gender. That’s why a end user can find other gender based on avatar. In Avatar plugin , if admin defines an avatar for a user, that will be used, if there is no avatar defined then social engine avatar given for a user.

On any website, image plays an important role in visualizing social networking basic concept clearly. Socialengine doesn’t provide any way to set an image which is the symbols of entire identity. Socialengine Avatar plugin would be nice to allow administrator the power to choose which image would represent the whole social networking site.

Socialengine Avatar Plugin – New Features

  • Admin pick an avatar from his Hard Drive means admin not Dependable on social engine Default Avatar.
  • Avatar work only those users who don’t have their profile avatar.
  • Admin can upload avatar based on gender, Means separate avatar for male and Female.
  • Admin can upload avatar based on unisex, Means common avatar for male and Female.
  • Admin can restore avatar to the default avatar social engine.
  • Avatar plugin improves the visual appearance of the Website.


This plugin provides iAvatar submenu under plugins in Admin control panel, where Admin can upload Avatar. The uploaded avatar will replace the social engine avatar image and this avatar shown on the user’s profile page based on gender. Admin will also be able to set a separate avatar for male as well as female.

The Avatar plugin is a step for better appearance of the users look.

After installation Avatar plugin Admin has two faces in the screen:
1:- Change avatar for Gender.
2:- Change avatar for Unisex.

In change Avatar for gender, Admin can set an avatar image for male as well as female. Admin can use different images for male and female.


In change Avatar for Unisex, Admin can set common Avatar for male as well as female. We don’t need to use different images for male and female.


When Admin Set Avatar either on gender/unisex then User Avatar Appearance becomes more attractive and noticeable and this avatar work all users avatars and give a better appearance to the users.


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