Tips to write effective and powerful blog for your audience

Do you want to share your information with visitors? Do you want to provide fresh and latest content of your website to the users? Do you want to help a website to achieve higher search engine ranking? Are you ever wanted to write blog posts that will help to “write a blog” easily? Are you trying to write something for users? These are some of the questions, whose answer would be YES and these question can be emerge from anyone mind while anyone going to write a blog.

Blogging is one of the most valuable tools that will help a website to engage with users and letting the whole world be able to read what is going on in your mind. Website have blog content along with users discussion. Blogs can access easily, means your potential visitor can view your blog and can interact with you or can stay on your website regularly. A blog creates a place to talk about new products, services, comment on timely and share organization initiatives beyond your website. It’s also shown people what you’re all about.

Here are Some tips to write an amazing blog post that is personal, engaging, and impactful to your donors and supporters.

Take your time in selecting a blog topic

The first thing you need to do is pick a blog topic. The topic is the key to creating a successful blog when you pick up a catchy topic, it captures the essence of your blog. The topic should be general to start with for example, you are a software developer and you are developing a website then you might come up with a title like “engage users for your social networking website“.

Grab attention with by selecting a meaningful title

Writing a blog on any title is one of the worst mistakes you can make because writing on a blog which are not related to your audience means you have no audience yet. To do this, you must first ask yourself Who are your target readers? Once that’s settled, you can write for your audience.

Leave an introduction for your blog post

Writing the perfect introduction to your blog posts is vitally important! Having a great introduction to your blog post can get a better response from your audience. Whenever a user comes to the blog, He can judge the blog based on the introduction. It’s very boring or hard to read full blog post if your introduction is not conveying the message and this article is not going to get more audience to you.

Tell your story

there’s no doubt that story board is one of the most powerful tools in your blog, sadly, it’s a tool that most of the blogger don’t use. Whether you’re trying to write blog for the  social community, attempting to evangelize your vision, attempting to sell your products or services, or writing a blog, you need to include story board in your blog content. A good storytelling space is comfortable, intimate, and free of distractions. As you tell your story, take your time, and give time to your listeners to see the story, time to interactive, time to feel, time to reflect, time to hang on the edge of their seats for what comes next. As your audience respond to your story, let your story respond to your audience.

Wrap it Up with a Conclusion

In what manner have you reiterated your ideas? What have you left your reader to think about at the end of your blog where the conclusion is one of the most powerful components of the article? As the last part of the blog How do you wrap up the thing up? Think about it how people feel about the experience And, depending on your goals, your conclusion will determine the success of the piece as a whole. The most successful articles have strong finishes, very straightforward and direct throughout the entire article and at the end.

Always remember these key points

1. Always State Your Purpose

To capture your online readers’ attention, it is vital to let them to tell people what your purpose is right from the beginning. If you manage to catch their interest from the first paragraph, you might hope to be lucky enough to convince them to read your entire article or post.

2. Stick to the Point

Get right to the point and keep postings short. Remember, the attention span of your audience is very short.

3. Keep your blog positive

It’s never a good idea to constantly have a negative tone when you update your blog. If you must write a negative post, try to turn it around and emphasize the positive side of a given situation.

4. Use proper grammar

Choose an easy-to-read font, and make sure the text appears large enough so it’s easy to view and make sure you catch all typos and grammatical errors.

5. Use Short Sentences and formatted

Keep paragraphs to two or three sentences each, and utilize plenty of white space on the screen to avoid clutter and make the content look more presentable.

6. Use links within your posts

If you found a helpful article on the web, don’t be afraid to link to the blog and share the knowledge. This will help not only increase your clicks, but also help with your blog’s search engine rankings.

7. Use appropriate image’s

We all know that images are a great way to add personality and a real life aspect to your blog, Whenever possible, use photos and graphics to reduce the amount of text in a blog entry and help tell a story or demonstrate a key point.

8. Post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other Social media

Post to social media platform lets your blog presences on many convenient places and allow to connect with your existing & new friends. You can easily connect with them using social media and also bring a lot of blog traffic on your blogs.

Don’t Do while writing a blog post

1. Copy, paste the Content from WEB

It’s never okay to take someone’s content without their permission, It is usually in poor taste to post an entire blog entry that someone else wrote and posted on their blog.

2. Don’t Be negative

Negative words can have long-lasting results that spread far beyond the person to whom they were hurled and these kind of painful hurts replay themselves for decades to come.

3. Don’t become too promotional

A few kind words about your product on the right kind of blog can have a lot of interest of users but user wanted to see less promotional content.

4. Avoid typical words

Use a conversational and friendly tone, but be professional. Always keep your audience in mind, and write using language and vocabulary they’ll understand.

5. Write long paragraphs

Long blocks of text are hard for readers to read. Break up your content into shorter paragraphs, bullet points and lists whenever possible. Also, if you can, work in some subheads.


By following above some guidelines, we can write a powerful blog for your audience, which easy to write, understable, interactive and give time to your audience to look at your blog with engagement. It will also help us to improve writing skills of a blogger as it give some possitive and negative key points when you write.

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