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Uploading image in the android app is alway trick and one need to handle all those out of memory exception or other issues. Normally we  use image-choose-library to upload image in our android applications using ImageView as the view. Image-choose-library is very simple to use as it needs to write less code  and have several other properties such as:

  • Supports picking up images/videos from phone gallery.
  • Supports capturing images/videos using the phone camera.
  • Generates thumb-nails for the any chosen media.
  • (New) Supports picking up files in general.
  • Similar code base to implement irrespective of Android version of device.

For image-chooser-libary include the following line in your gradle.

 compile 'com.kbeanie:image-chooser-library:1.4.02@aar'

The image-choose-library is proved to be very helpful for us,but we came to a problem when we used SimpleDraweeView as view of fresco library. Fresco supports the following uri – file://  for files on device .When we were using the image-chooser-library it was not building the uri that it supports.We worked on the issue and come to the solution that we are going to share with you .

Upload Image Using Facebook Fresco with image choose library:

For using fresco in your application include the following code in your gradle:

compile 'com.facebook.fresco:fresco:0.1.0+'

For the imageView we were using the following code to build the uri :

imageUpload.setImageURI(Uri.parse(new File(image.getFileThumbnail()).toString()));

For SimpleDraweeView we used the following code:

imageUpload.setImageURI(Uri.parse("file://" + new File(image .getFilePathOriginal()).toString()));

 Source Code

For the complete code click here. You are welcome to fork the source code or reuse it in your android Apps.


Use of SimpleDraweeView of fresco library in image-chooser library has given a new concept to us .This is an article to demonstrate the use of image-choose-library with fresco’s SimpleDraweeView as view.




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