SocialEngine: HE Credits SMS Plugin Integration

After the overwhelming responses we had from SMS Plugin for socialengine, we had to step it up on next feature. SMS feature can be very useful feature for some of the communities and may help community users to be active. After getting the appreciation from Socialengine guys who mentioned our SMS plugin on their blog and facebook page, we decided to take it to next level and integrated credits plugin from Hire Experts. This integration would allow community users to participate more as they would have the incentive of getting some credits for their activities. Users can use those credits to send actual SMS to contacts. Users also have the option to buy credits for sending the SMS to contacts.

We have deployed the plugin on one of the fastest growing community They are offering free SMS service to most of their community users (user should have at least 50 credits to send SMS). If you wanted to see the plugin in action then you can also try the plugin on their site and see how it works.

Here are some of the screenshots from lacubanda site for SMS plugin integration with HE Credits

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