SocialEngine: Activity Points SMS Plugin Integration


As a leading provider of SocialEngine services, we fully understand the need to keep enhancing your SocialEngine installation with more and more features to attract more members and keeping the community more active. After successful integration of SMS plugin with HE- Credits plugin, we got numerous requests from socialengine community owners to integrated the plugin with Socialenginemods’s plugin activity points. So we decided to integrate it with activity points plugin and have completed the implementation.

Activity Points SMS Plugin Integration

We have deployed the plugin on development site Czech community. They offer free SMS service to their VIP community users (user should have at least 200 activity points to send SMS). If you wanted to see the plugin in action then you can also try the plugin on their site and see how it works.

Apart from the integration with Activity Points plugin, we have added additional features for SMS plugin:

  • Added supports for more SMS Gateways (Clickatell, BulkSMS, SMSLive247!, mVaayoo,, Routesms)
  • Send SMS directly to a mobile number
  • Automatically add number in contacts
  • Account balance for SMS Gateway
  • Integration with HE Credits

Here are some of the screenshots for SMS plugin integration with Activity Points

[singlepic id=146 w=480 h=360 float=center]

[singlepic id=148 w=480 h=360 float=center]

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  1. shaheer
    shaheer says:


    I am very happy to see this plugin. I was looking for one like this.
    thanks for developing.

    I am using Socialenginemods Activity Point module in my site.

    What you mean by integrating Activity points with SMS plugin?
    will it give points while sending sms?
    or it will deduct points already earned from other activity?

    please let me know.
    once again thank you for developing such a nice one.

    • Kapil Jain
      Kapil Jain says:

      Thx for reviewing the plugin and we hope this plugin shall be value add to your community.

      The points earned by activity points can be used to send the SMS. You can set the cost(activity points) of sending SMS from control panel for the community.
      Let me know if you have any question.

  2. Kapil Jain
    Kapil Jain says:

    These are best rates from routesms for South Africa, Korea, NZ, Australia, USA, India and Russia:

    India: Transactional Messages: Transactional means a type of message in which transactions are forwarded to the customer and within the company employee. These are used by – Bank, Educational Institutions. These messaged will deliver to all the DND and Non DND numbers. With six characters Sender name and at anytime

    Price Slab:

    500,000 @ 3.5 paise/sms

    1 million @ 2.5 paise/sms

    Promotional SMS: Marketing and Promotional Messages. These messages will not deliver to DND number and it will show sender name as 022751 or 022752. It will not deliver between 9 pm to 9 am.

    Price Slab:

    500,000 @ 8.5 paise/sms

    1 million @ 7.5 paise/sms

    NZ: Vodafone @ 0.01 Euro per sms & 2degree @ 0.004 Euro per sms .

    Australia: Telestra @ 0.037 Euro per sms & all other operators @ 0.004 Euro per sms.

    USA: all operators @ 0.014 Euro per sms .

    Russia; K-cell @ 0.01 Euro per sms , Mega Phone 0.013 Euro per sms , LLP 0.004 Euro per sms, MTS @ 0.012 Euro per sms & all other operators @ 0.006 Euro per sms.

    Korea: all operaters @ 0.004 Euro per sms.

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