Socialengine Backup and restore database plugin


Your SocialEngine community isn’t really safe unless you have a solid backup plan. The Backup plugin is absolutely essential for all SocialEngine sites. Unfortunately, many things could go wrong from hackers, server crashes, accidentally deleted files by the user or use bad command for deleted the files. We developed the Backup And Restore plugin to help our customers feel more peaceful when knowing their sites and content are totally safe. It enables both database and files backups. Both manual and automatic backups are available.

It allows you to easily create different backup schedules (every 12 hours, daily, weekly, monthly) for your database and files; and store them in the Amazon S3 bucket

Key Features-:

  1. Very easy to configure.
  2. Exclude the directories you do not want to backup.
  3. Shows complete backup history.
  4. Ability to delete backup from the S3 to limit sizes.
  5. User can schedule a backup using the global setting.
  6. Automatically remove the backup from S3 if user deletes backup from the site.


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Socialengine Backup and restore database plugin
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