Pages plugin allows to create social page for local businesses, restaurants, hotels brands, companies, models, public figures, etc. Like you can do on Facebook. It is powerful, attractive and user friendly. It is a top notch plugin with huge amount of extensions and integrations…

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Social Pages is one of most important things in social media. Businesses, brands and public figures consider social media as part of their marketing, interaction with customers and the way of doing things.

Pages plugin is a complete solution of Social Pages idea in SocialEngine. It is rich for features, has attractive and easy in use user interfaces. This is not just a plugin – this is a whole ecosystem of: 30 plugins and extensions, specially adapted 18 themes. Each of them is seamlessly integrated with the others and complement each other perfectly. We constantly work on improvements and integrations of Pages plugin family to keep it up to date and flexible for different projects.

You can use Pages plugin family for business directories like hotels, night clubs, restaurants, or public pages for fan clubs, musicians, models, etc. It is very flexible and rich featured. Each one can create a social page, like you do Facebook Pages. It is attractive, simple in use, has a huge amount of features: wall, albums, videos, events, team, store, check-ins, reviews, detailed visitors and location statistics.

Pages plugin has modular structure which allows you to save costs by purchasing only needed extensions and plugins. We’ve already implemented wide range of extensions for Pages and constantly working on a new ones. Check available extensions here –   Pages Extensions   and check integrated plugins list on the right sidebar.


Pages plugin features:

  • User Interfaces. We pay all our attention to UI implementation – our aim is to provide stylish interfaces and the same time make navigation/acting very simple to provide more conveniences for users. It is fully based on Ajax(no-page-loads!) and supports direct URL for better SEO.
  • Customizable Layout and Features Set Control. We have made Page as editable area and all things/elements on page are implemented as widgets so page owners have full control over the look and features set. Customizable layout – members can choose layout columns and drag & drop features on any wished position on page using Layout Editor. Also they are allowed to control which widgets(features) will be shown/hided on their page:
    `Page Activity Feed` – displays wall(activities) related to the page
    `Page Photo` – shows logo/photo of page which can be uploaded by the page team members
    `Page Info` – shows the page detailed information
    `Page Note` – nice Note box which allows to show short welcome or informative text like on Facebook
    `Tags Cloud` – enables you to have an overview of all page’s tags, and interactively determine the relations between them. It allows you to filter content(photos, videos, etc) within Page by tags without any page-loads.
    `Page Map` – displays page location on Google Map.
    `Search` – displays a search box for ajax-search.

    and much more widgets are available, by adding new page module you get many new widgets – blogs, videos, music, etc.

  • HTML Widgets. Members can create/edit/delete custom HTML widgets which can be put on any position using drag & drop option in Layout Editor. Custom HTML widgets have title and html compatible content fields.
  • Page Categories and Fields. Admin can easily create categories and customizable fields for each page category separately. So musicians may have different set of fields than actors.
    Sub-categories are available now, so you can have two level deep categorization for your social network.
  • Page Team. If it is public page of a Company and there are CEO, Sales Manager, Supporter and Technical Specialist and if you want to list them or give full administration access for the Page then you can add them using team manager tool and set position label(CEO, Supporter) to each one. Team members are shown in a special `Page Team` widget. There are available two options:
    Admins are listed on page and they are allowed to edit and moderate content on page;
    Employees are just listed on page without any moderation permissions;
  • Agree Terms of Use. You can create a HTML supported nice Terms of Use page for each page category separately, which are read and accepted on page creation page. You can enable/disable term of use by category.
  • Get Started is a new section in Edit Page(Dashboard). As soon as member creates a page, he is redirected to Get Started page where are available steps to: fulfil page information; upload page photo, configure privacy, add page team, invite friends; make page attractive; post social media content; etc. This section is available for members to make things much simpler.
  • Search. It is a great search feature which allows to find any type of content within Page as quickly as you type: albums, photos, videos, playlist, tracks and blogs. Search based on AJAX and shows grouped results which makes so easy to view quick-search results, just one click to view result or play track(no page loads!). `View All Results` link loads all search results with paging.
  • Tags. Tags are natively integrated with all features of Pages, they are shown in all type of content: photos, videos, blogs, etc; just one click on any wished tag and you will see content filtered by the tag.
  • Google Map. It is nicely integrated with Google Map which displays where Pages is located.
  • Favourite Pages. It is a great way to link and advertise own page on other pages. It shows list of favourite pages in a widget which can be placed on left sidebar, you can see the same `Likes` box on Facebook Pages. For example: Apple page can be advertised on iPod, iPhone and iPad pages.
  • Showcase Photos. If you have installed Page-Albums extension then your page owners are allowed to put nice `Showcase Photos` widget which displays 6 random photos from photo albums like on Facebook Pages.
  • Claim Pages. It is a new feature which allows you to select members who can create claimable pages and provide option to claim these pages by real owners. It provides a simple form which contains: claimer contact details(email, phone number), comments and page.
    This idea of course can be adopted your project needs like Copyright Infringement report from rightful owners.
  • Print Page. A new feature which allows to visitors to print page details:
    – Name, Description and Author
    – Address, Website and Phone
    – Map
  • Edit Style. Now page owners are allowed to edit their page style using css.
  • Privacy. Extended privacy settings for page owner:
    ● include page or not in search results;
    ● who is allowed to see page;
    ● who is allowed to comment;
    ● posting privacy for each application separately, who is allowed to upload photos, create events, post blogs, upload videos, etc;
  • Statistics. Pages plugin collects detailed statistics which allows page owner to analyze this value information and act accordingly:
    Visitors – Total number of unique visitors viewed your Page per day/month
    Page Views – Total number of times your Page was viewed per day/month
    Map Overlay – Allows you to visualize your Page visitors by geographic region on the Map
  • Like Pages. Your members are provided with the following great features:
    – `Members Like This` widget which displays members who liked this Page.
    – Enabling/Disabling Likes by Page Team
    – Suggestion this page to friends option for Page Team
    – Promotion the page using `Like Box` and `Like Button`.
    – Sending an Update to members who liked this page.
    – `Most Liked Pages` widget which can be shown or hided on Browse Pages.

    NOTE: Pages plugin requires Likes plugin which is FREE. Please go to Likes plugin page to read more about its features.

  • Suggest to Friends. If you have Suggestion / Recommendation plugin then it allows you get wide range features like:
    – Sharebar widget which allows to suggest page to friends, or share it on Facebook, Twitter or just in SocialEngine
    – `Recommended Pages` widget which intelligently recommends pages to members depending on members’ social graph and popularity of content.

    This plugin is optional.

  • Business name instead of Personal name. Now it is available if you have our Wall plugin! Wall-posts and comments which are submitted by page owners, are shown on behalf of page(business, public figure, etc)
    Please check the plugin details here – Wall plugin
  • Updates from Pages I liked. If you have Wall plugin then things become simpler – member can view updates(activity) only from pages he likes on Member Home page. Also there is a new list which displays updates only from Pages in wall.
  • Check-Ins. Check-In provides an additional way to promote Business Pages throughout social network. Pages can be easily checked-in by members and displayed for their friends via activity feed. Also there are new widgets are available in pages:
    Members Checked-in widget displays members who checked-in this page;
    Check-Ins widget displays this page check-ins with all details – member name, message including tagged friends, photo, video, etc;

    This feature is available if you have Check-In plugin.

  • Badges. Badges are seamlessly integrated and empower features set of Pages plugin. So if you have Badges plugin then you can enjoy with the following features:
    Request Badges. It provides a special section in Page Dashboard where page owner can request badges. It allows to include a message(explanation) in badge request which will be sent to site admin. Owner can view status of his requests and cancel them at any time. Also he has all permissions to activate or deactivate received badges;
    Browse Pages by Badges. You can put a special widget on Browse Pages and allow visitors to view the number of page for each badge and filter pages by badges. It loads page via AJAX without any time-consuming page loads;
    Badge on Page Profile. It displays the page badges with details in a tab and badges icon in a widget on Page Profile;
  • Offers & Coupons. Page owners can create any type of offers and coupons to promote their page. They will be listed on the page profile and Browse Offers sections. For example, cafe `Latte` can create special offer – 50% discount for dinners which can be unlocked by leaving review and liking their social page. This allows to attract more attention to their business and increase revenue.
    This feature is available if you have Offers & Coupons plugin.
  • Social Donations. Page owners can create charities and projects for the various causes. These causes will be listed on the page profile and browse charities and projects pages. For example, it can be used as UNESCO page where will be listed all its projects and charities, OR like Improve Everywhere page where will be listed all its projects and the page fans can actively participate, discuss and help to raise money.
    This feature is available if you have Social Donations plugin.
  • Timeline on Pages. Finally Timeline is available on pages profiles. Using timeline social pages looks more attractive for visitors and potential customers. So if you have Timeline plugin then there is available timeline with the following features:
    ● page cover photo;
    ● grouped activity in timeline;
    ● user friendly tabs for page applications;
    ● page created date;
    ● page owner has option to turn on/off timeline view;
    ● timeline can be easily edited using page layout editor;
  • Browse Page. Flexible and stylish ajax browsing for pages. It allows to:
    – browse pages by list with short information;
    – browse pages on the map according to location information of pages;
    – browse pages in an attractive pin view mode with focus on images (inspired by pinterest);
    – sort by and filter pages: Recent, Most Popular, Features and Sponsored;
    – search by keyword, categories and sub-categories and their fields values;
    – filter by popular location;
    – filter by popular tags;
    – allows to easily combine filters: tags, location and category;
    – alphabetical and numbers filtering page, also it allows you to edit and add symbols which you would like to use for filtering;
    – boxes like `Popular Locations`, `Popular Tags`, `Featured Pages`, `Popular Pages`, etc now can be enabled or disabled in admin panel;

    Browse Pages is widgetized page which can be easily edited using Layout Editor in Admin Panel.

  • Advanced Locations. If location of pages are important for you, like for Hotels, Restaurants directories. You can take benefits of location tools in Pages plugin. It automatically detects a member location and displays pages nearest to the member. Members can search pages by location name, filter by radius search(within 20 miles, etc) and instantly view pages details and location on map, like you can do on Google Maps.
  • Browse Albums, Blog, Events, Music and Videos pages. Now you can browse social media content published in Pages on special widgetized browse pages. Also if you have Albums, Events, etc plugins from SocialEngine then you can unite their content with Pages content and browse them on one page, for example, you can browse videos from Pages and published in Videos section on the same page.
  • Sponsored Pages. Select featured pages to highlight and advertise them on Pages Directory.
  • Featured Pages. It is an additional type of pages highlighting which allows attract more visitors to featured pages. Featured pages are highlighted on Browse Pages and displayed on `Featured Pages` widget.
  • SEO optimized. The recent update of Pages plugin brings SEO enhancements so now various lists like page by locations, categories, tags have own search engine friendly url. Also each page now contains Meta data for search engines.
  • Mobile compatibility. Pages plugin is seamlessly integrated and optimized for Touch-Mobile plugin so your members can be in touch with their pages via mobile devices: browse and search pages, create page and edit current pages details, view page information and participate in page activity, send wall-posts and comments, leave reviews, attend in events, view albums, participate in discussions, search within page, moderate and many more.
    Please check detail here – Touch-Mobile plugin
  • Many other features:
    ● usability and style improvements on browse pages, package selection, page dashboard, etc;
    ● option to select default view mode for pages listing: icon, list or map view;
    ● integrated ads blocks of Community Ads plugin;
    ● page loading speed optimizations;
    ● short urls for pages like: yoursite.com/mypage;

Admin Panel Features:

  • Administration. Admin has various settings to control all parts of Pages and its extensions:
    – browse created pages and approve/disapprove pages
    – make pages featured and sponsored
    – view and delete pages
    – change number of shown pages in various widgets: recent, popular, featured, etc
    – set up which widgets should be shown on Browse Pages
    – edit page categories, sub-categories and their fields
    – edit default layout(number of columns, widgets and positions) which is used while creating of new page

    Pages plugin provides two ways for you to easily earn more money from your paid(business) members: `Member Levels` and `Packages`. Both solutions are intended to provide more flexibility for your project needs, and at the same time, they are simple and user friendly for your members.

  • Packages. Packages are intended to earn money from your page owners so if you would like then you can take money for creating full featured(PRO) official page from businesses. You can set up `free package` with restricted features and rich-featured `paid package`.
    If you would like to use Packages instead of Member Levels system then the following options are available for you:

    Packages Management. Browse packages, create, edit and delete packages.
    Pages Subscriptions. Browse subscriptions, check details, change status – active/deactivated.
    Package options:
    ● name and html-supported description
    ● price, billing cycle and billing duration
    ● auto-approve submitted page
    ● allow edit pages layout columns
    ● allow to use layout editor
    ● make pages of this package as Sponsored
    ● make pages of this package as Featured
    ● choose which features are available: albums, videos, blogs, music, discussions, etc
    ● allow page owner to select who can view, comment and post content on their pages

    The following payment options are available for members to purchase a package subscription:

    PayPal – popular payment gateway;
  • Approval System. Pages can be activated and shown for public only after admin approval or you can set auto-approving per member level.
  • Widgets. We provide wide range widgets for you, they can be put on any wished page using Layout Editor:
    `Featured Pages` – displays featured pages
    `Featured Pages Carousel` – displays featured pages in a nice slider
    `Sponsored Pages` – displays sponsored pages
    `Sponsored Pages Carousel` – displays sponsored pages in a nice slider
    `Most Popular Pages` – displays most popular pages
    `Recent Pages` – displays recently created pages
    `Member Pages` – shows member pages where he is assigned as a team member. It should be put on Member Profile page
    `Page Categories` – displays categories(page types), on clicking it redirects to Browse Pages.
  • Member Level Settings. You can set up the following settings per member level:
    – allow create pages
    – auto-approve submitted page
    – mark pages as Sponsored
    – mark pages as Featured
    – allow edit pages layout columns
    – allow to use layout editor
    – control how many pages are allowed to create for this member level
    – choose which features are available: albums, videos, blogs, music, discussions, etc
    – allow page owner to select who can view, comment and post content on their pages
  • Transactions History provides detailed information about each subscription’s transaction.
  • Claimable Pages. You can add members who can create claimable pages. Also you can view list of claims and approve(page owner will changed to claimer) or decline them, claimer will be notified on proceeding these actions.
  • Many other features:
    ● option to change the page package
    ● now super admins can moderate all pages




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