Monetize Socialengine communty with SMS plugin

We have been working on the phone module for socialengine and in the last article, we highlighted about the voice call feature for the phone plugin. In this article, we would highlight about the SMS plugin for the socialengine and discuss how you can monetize your socialengine community using this SMS plugin.

The purpose of creating phone plugin was to connect the community and non-community users with each other and keep them updated about each other. The community owners can monetize their community by selling this feature to the community users. So it would be win-win situation for both the users and owners. This plugin allows the user to add non-community users in their contacts list and allow to send them SMS. The plugin also keep track of the SMS sent to the users so user shall be able to track the sent SMS.Currently SMS plugin uses multiple SMS gateways to send out the SMS efficiently.

Currently this SMS plugin has been launched and can be bought from the products section in the above menus. This plugin can be extended to support following features or any customize feature:

  • Allow community users to send SMS to community friends
  • Send status updates to community friends
  • Receive SMS from the contacts
  • Integration with other popular SMS gateway like tropo, voxeo etc.
  • Admin control and reporting
  • Send notifications for events to the users
  • Send promotion coupons from the advertisers

We also have also integrate this plugin with HE Credits and SocialEngineMod ActivityPoints so if you need that plugin then contact us.

Feel free to contact us if you think this plugin would help your community to grow. This plugin have also capability to record the voice message and send it to user’s mobile as voice mail.


Please check the status of online plugin here

user:[email protected]



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