Three Answers for Social ecommerce Setup

Socialcommerce involve around the ecommerce and the socialnetworking. Facebook accounts for 50% of total social referrals and 64% of total social revenue. The site’s social commerce initiatives, including a recent focus on its Messenger app, largely reflect social media’s increasingly important role for online retailers. Here are checklist before you go for Socialcommerce platform.

Need of Social eCommerce Setup

The socialnetworking features in a website engage users with each others and biggest drawbacks in ecommerce is that you don’t have engagement with other buys and supplier. The engagement will help buyer and supplier to understand the ecommerce website. Below are some points where we elaborate how can we engage user in eCommerce website

How you can engage user in ecommerce Website ?

Social Features: By following other buyers /supplier, we can easily can see whats trending these days and can discuss with our following friend and ask about their personal view for the product. For website owner, this feature help them to maintain the quality product and help in the productive sale.Other features are like sharing and other thing like facebook.

Platform for Social Commerce

Some  of the popular platforms for the social networking are Socialengine, phpfox, oxwall and for the social ecommerce , there are platforms like magento, woo-commerce and opencart. My last blog, should help in running cost effective socialcommerce platform and increase your sales by taking advantages of social aspects like referring, reviews etc.

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