Sync your passwords across devices with google’s smart lock

How many passwords do you have to remember? How many websites and accounts need you to enter this information each and every time you open the page? Where did you put those crazy passwords anyway? Have you ever been changed your password and forget after some time. Let’s see if This “No Need to remember password with Smart Lock Password” article can help.

Now a day’s users are using dozens of websites that require a user-name and password. Trying to remember your every password is hard enough. A strong and unique password is required for every site you are going to enter the password. The stronger the password, the harder it becomes to remember, and most people take the easy way out by creating a password which is easy to remember, and possibly using the same password for more than one account. This then leaves them vulnerable to hackers and have more chances of guessing from someone.

Google identified this problem and launched the “smart lock password” at its I/O developer conference, a tool to sync and store online passwords across Chrome and Android. Now Google is combining all of its login and identity solutions into a single platform today under the Google Identity Platform. For those of you who have never wanted to remember the password, they can use Google Identity Platform which hold all of your passwords in one secure location.

As per the google, Users can signin/signup on to the chrome or android using smart lock password. Whenever you sign in to a website, Chrome asks if you want to save your password for that site. If you’re signed in to chrome, your password will also sync to your Google Account so that you can use them on android and other devices. Password that you have saved in chrome may be available to automatically sign you in on your Android devices. Passwords that you save on your Android device are also available in Chrome when you are signed in with your google account.

With the latest version of Google play Services on your phone, You will have a new “smart lock password” option in your Google settings that will let you sync those passwords to you mobile for the installed app to make use of as well. If an app developer simply plugs in a single API into their app, you will be able to download an app from Google Play and sign in with a single tap if you have already signed into that.


Smart lock password will reduce the risk of forgotten user passwords. Netflix, The New York Times, Instacrt, Orbiz are some of the services that have been confirmed to integrate smart lock password. Use Google Credential API to add smart lock password on their app. smart lock password have one clear advantage in general, a well made app can provide a far better user experience than even the best websites are capable of right now.

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