SocialEngine integration with IDSTC using Zend SOAP Client

SocialEngine is a PHP based platform that allows anyone to have a social network site at a low cost. Anyone can create its own social network within minutes using SocialEngine platform. IDSTC is customer-order management system. We can save customer profile, order, sales representatives commissioning details into IDSTC. We provide SocialEngine custom development to our clients. We have to integrate SocialEngine and IDSTC for one of our client to exchange customer and order details.

IDSTC API and SOAP Library

IDSTC provides api which use SOAP and XML for transformation of information. SocialEngine based on Zend framework, so we use Zend Soap client for integration. Zend Api provide functions for making SOAP request. We use Zend_Soap_Client function to integrate with IDSTC. IDSTC provides both live and test url for ease purpose. We use testing urls for this blog to understand integration between both systems. We are going to add customer at IDSTC using Zend SOAP request.

 Get Into Details

First of all we create customer data using demo information. IDSTC provide companyId, Api Key, EnrollerDistribuorID and SponsorDistributorID, which we need to replace before making a call to IDSTC. After customer data, we add $devUrl and $actiondevURl (please note we are using testing url of IDSTC live url are different from above one). Then we create SOAP object using $devUrl and using this object add header information to our SOAP request.

Time for making call to IDSTC

Now the time is for calling IDSTC Api function and creating customer at IDSTC system. We call Customer_CreateOnly($customerData) api function and save response in new variable $clientResponse. Using response variable we can get the details of the call. There are many types of response, depends on data, api function etc. comes from IDSTC system. You can read more about the Api at IDSTC server or api details provided by IDSTC.


We create customer data, SOAP object using testing URL and make a call to Api function. There are many api functions for updating customer info, create order details, retrieve order etc. You can integrate with any Zend based framework e.g SocialEngine with IDSTC using above methods. Feel free to contact us if you have any query.

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