Zoho People Sync


A simple Wordpress plugin to integrate WordPress with Zoho People. This plugin will help you to create/update users in Zoho people as created/updated in wordpress.

Are you using Zoho People for managing people who are also users in WordPress ?

Zoho People Sync is our WordPress plugin to integrate WordPress with Zoho People. This plugin will help you to automatically create/update users in Zoho People when users are created/updated in WordPress. This plugin supports the following fields to be synchronized with Zoho People: EmployeeId, FirstName, LastName and Email.

To make life even simpler, we have also provided an admin UI for securely generating an authtoken or setting a token if you have already generated token from Zoho. It even allows you to check that the authtoken is a valid one.

If you need any extra features, please contact us at [email protected]

Zoho People Sync Plugin Features :

  • Create a person in Zoho People when a user is created inWordPress
  • Update user information in Zoho People when user information is changed inWordPress
  • Admin UI to generate authtoken from username and password
  • Validate Auth Token

Steps :

  1. Download and activate the plugin.
  2. After plugin is activated, open plugin setting page, present under settings menu as “Zoho People”.
  3. Generate Auth Token from Zoho username and password or if already generated auth token from website then update
  4. Validate the token


Plugin requires cURL php extension enabled.


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Zoho People Sync
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