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SocialenginePress – Plugin for WordPress Products allow you to transform your ‪online community‬ into ‪‎an ecommerce‬ website using ‪‎ woocommerce.

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Socialengine Woocommerce plugin features:

  • Provide online Business to your SocialEngine community
  • Publish a WordPress product into your SocialEngine Network
  • The SocialEngine Press Product Plugin is easy and quick to install.
  • No need to install an extra product tool or system.

Note: Extract module-sewpproduct-4.10.4.tar file and get SocialEngine and WordPress plugin in the folder.

SocialEngine Product Plugin Installation

  • Log into your SocialEngine 4 site and access the Admin area.
  • Access the Manage menu and click on Packages & Plugins.
  • Click on the Install New Packages link, then click on the Add Packages link.
  • Select the modules-Ipwpproduct-xxx.tar file where you extracted the downloaded zip package.
  • Follow the step-by-step wizard to complete the installation of the plugin files.
  • Go to Plugins menu.
  • Click on IpWpproduct link and enter your WordPress site url and WordPress Products url.

Create WordPress directory

  • Your socialengine and wordpress should be on the same server and wordpress should be installed in a sub-directory.
  • In sub-directory install WordPress.

Basic Requirements of WordPress

  • Go to
  • Click on plugins menu.
  • Search woocommerce in search box.
  • Click on WooCommerce link.
  • Download woocommerce plugin.
  • Visit Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.
  • Upload the
  • Activate WooCommerce from your Plugins page.
  • Follow all steps and create product.

If WooCommerce plugin already installed.

  • Click on Products menu in wordpress admin bar in left side.
  • Click on add new link and create new product then publish.

WordPress Product plugin Installation

  • Visit Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.
  • upload the
  • Activate Socialengine-Blog from your Plugins page.

Use WordPress products on SocialEngine site

  • Go to SocialEngine site admin.
  • Go to Appearance tab menu.
  • Click on Layout Editor link.
  • Click on Editing pages and select anyone page if you want display Products on page.
  • Go to Available Blocks and scroll down.
  • Go to Ipwpproduct widgets section and drag WordPress products widget in selected page section.
  • Click on edit link in WordPress products widget. Saved all settings if you want show WordPress products on SocialEngine site

Basic Requirements: Install WordPress & WooCommerce plugin.



Socialengine Woocommerce
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