E-Commerce solution




  • Likes plugin Let your members to like interesting social stuff, share to friends. Likes plugin makes things easy and attractive. It brings many new features, widgets and it is absolutely free for you. Just download and start using this lightweight plugin…
  • Pages plugin Pages plugin allows to create social page for local businesses, restaurants, hotels brands, companies, models, public figures, etc. Like you can do on Facebook. It is powerful, attractive and user friendly. It is a top notch plugin with huge amount of extensions and integrations…
  • Store plugin Store is an e-commerce plugin that adds a feature-rich online store to your SocialEngine powered social network. This plugin lets members to buy your products and services online. Also your members can open own online store on your site, advertise products throughout social network and sell products to other members.
  • Offers & Coupons plugin This plugin allows members to get discounts and profitable offers on your site, it increases members activity and their constant interest, loyalty towards your social network…
  • Credits plugin It is not easy to reach a large user base, but it is more complicated to keep existing members active and engaged. Credits plugin increases interaction and encourages members to post new videos, upload photos, add more friends and create various social media content…
  • Store Bundle plugin Store Bundle product addon allows to increase the sales of your store through providing users with discounts for buying several products at once. An administrator can create multiple “bundles” on the different products.


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