Looking for a way to attract local businesses? Run social media contests and attract new businesses, users and increase their loyalty…

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Looking for a way to attract local businesses? Now it is available in SocialEngine using awesome Contest plugin.

Why is it awesome? It is a win-win solution for:
Business: social media contests can be a cost-effective means of generating fans, as well as creating brand awareness, new sales, and customer loyalty.
You (social network owner): well designed contests attract thousands new users to your social network, generate social sharing(Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc) and users loyalty.

Contest plugin for SocialEngine allows you to run photo contests in your social network. The contest participants upload their photo for the selected subject matter, participants can share their submissions to friends on Facebook, Twitter or on any other social service to increase their chance to win. The winners are chosen by votes of your site users.

Contest plugin features:

  • It is attractive. Full focus on large and nice photos makes the contest page beautiful.
  • It is user friendly. It is very easy for users to go ahead and participate in the photo contest.
  • Start & End Date. You can schedule contest by setting start date and expiration date. It automatically starts the contest and select the winners.
  • Sponsored Contests. You can select the contest’s sponsors:
    – by typing their Name and Link;
    – if you have installed Pages plugin then you select the sponsor’s official page on your social network;
  • Photo Viewer. View the contest photos via our nice Photo viewer with options to leave comments and social share.
  • Log-in to Vote. Contest plugin requires visitors to log-in to vote photos. It helps you to quickly increase users base via participants’ social graph.
  • Contest Terms. You can set the contest’s terms text which is shown for participants, users are required to accept the terms to participate in the contest.
  • 1 Active contest per time. Running an effective and popular contest is not an easy task. This plugin is specially designed to run only one active contest per time to make it more attractive, increase members engagement and discussions around the contest. It helps you to focus only on one contest to achieve more.
  • Passed Contests. It displays the passed contest, its participants and their photos, the winner and its prize.
  • Partners. Your new sponsors can reach you via standard Contact Us form.
  • Widgetized Pages. There are available the following widgetized pages which can be edited via Layout Editor in Admin Panel:
    Main Contest page displays the current contest, its participants and the sponsor details;
    Recent Contest page displays details of the recently passed contest’s details;
  • Widgets. Contest plugin provides various widgets:
    ● `Contest Info` widget displays the contest’s short details and can be put on any page;
    ● `Contest Participant` widget displays list of participants;
    ● `Contest Photos` widget displays submitted photos for the active contest;
    ● `Contest Partners` widget displays advertisement text for potential sponsors;
    ● `Contest Winner` widget displays the winner and prize for the recent contest;
    ● `Recent Photos` widget displays photos from the recent contest;
    ● `Countdown Timer` widget displays countdown timer for the current contest’s expiration date;
    ● `Random Photos` widget displays the recent random photos from the current contest;
  • Admin Management. It provides the following configurations in admin panel:
    – Automatically approve posted photos OR manually;
    – Control which member levels are allowed to view contests;
    – Control which member levels are allowed to vote contests;
    – Control which member levels are allowed to participate in contests;


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