Newsfeed is a place where members usually spend most of their time, sometimes it is enough to check what’s news here and interact with others by sharing messages, photos, videos, comments and so on. Wall plugin does all these things with keeping in mind – simplicity in usage, stylish look and rich-featured.

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Newsfeed is a place where members usually spend most of their time in social networks, sometimes it is enough to check all news here and interact with others by sharing messages, photos, videos and leaving comments and likes. This is what SocialEngine always needed.
Wall plugin does all these things with keeping in mind – simplicity in usage, stylish look and rich-featured. It brings two great things into SocialEngine: Newsfeed – place where your members can read latest news separated by lists – Most Recent, Friends, Photos or any custom list like `Colleagues`; Wall – modern wall for profiles and business pages. Also it includes a lot of improvements in the package – tagging friends, auto-postig to facebook and twitter, slideshow, webcam photos, etc.

Wall plugin has been updated recently, check what’s new


Wall plugin features:

  • Simple and Stylish. Attractive look, simple navigation and user friendly interfaces intend members to spend more time on your site.
  • No page loading – AJAX! There are no any page loading when you post something on your wall or even you move from one list to another. Save your members time and traffic using ajax based wall.
  • Lists are way to group information flows like you can do on Facebook. Wall plugin provides the following standard lists by default:
    – `Most Recent` displays all news ordered from latest to oldest;
    – `Friends` displays what your friends are doing;
    – `Pages` displays what’s new in your liked pages;
    – `Photos` displays uploaded photos;
    – `Status` displays members status updates;
    – and many other lists;

    Custom Lists
    You can create custom lists like `Colleagues`, `Acquaintances`, etc by adding friends and pages you liked. It allows you to group important news and don’t miss anything.
    Lists Management
    Recently added Lists Management section in Admin Panel so you can control:

    – `Enable/Disable lists` – you can enable/disable standard lists;
    – `Default list` – you can choose a list which will be selected by default in wall;
    – `Save the last chosen list` – if it is enabled then Wall saves the last chosen list of member;
  • Privacy. It fixes one of most important issues in SocialEngine – missing privacy for wall posts. Now your members can select privacy for each their wall post – there is available a new `Privacy` icon in Wall Posting form which displays drop down choice list: Public, My Friends and Networks, My Friends and Only Me.
    Also it allows your members to set privacy(the same options) for the posted wall-posts, so they can edit the privacy at anytime.
    Wall plugin is smoothly integrated with Pages plugin, so if you have Pages plugin then it provides special options: Public, Registered and Likes and Admins.
  • Tagging Friends. Allows members to mention friends in wall posts by tagging friends names, just include the `@` symbol beforehand and start typing, Wall displays a drop down list that allows to choose from of friends list. It displays clickable the friend name without `@` symbol.
    Tagged friends will receive a notification and email about the post.
  • Link Auto-detection. Wall automatically detect and handle if you type link to a website – it attaches web page and allows you to choose image for the link, or if you type Youtube or Vimeo link it automatically download and attach video. It makes easier and user friendly the posting in wall.
  • Photo Viewer. Any photo in the plugin can be displayed on the same page in an attractive photo viewer like on Facebook & Google+. You can do the following things on the photo viewer:
    – Quick and easy to interact – no need to scroll down to comment or like photos, these options are located on the right sidebar;
    – Easily navigate by left-right buttons;
    – Keyboard shortcuts are supported: Left, Right, Esc;
    – Full Screen view of photos;
    – Nice Photos Slideshow with option to pause;
    – All photos option allows to view photos listing from this album;
    – View title and description of photos;
    – Attractive buttons to Like, Comment and Share photos increases interaction;
    – Easy to leave and view comments in each photo;
    – Like and unlike photos;
    – Share and Report photo;
    – Make profile photo;
    – Add tags;
    – Download the photo;
    – Edit the photo;
  • Stylish Google Plus form. Wall-post form is reworked in Google Plus style – much user friendly, takes a little space and looks sexy.
  • Take picture from Webcam! Now you can not only upload photo from computer, but also take photo from your webcam. It has an attractive and simple interface – just click on Shoot button, and even re-take photo from webcam.
  • Twitter Feed. Read what’s new in Twitter, just login and view latest tweets in SocialEngine.
  • Facebook and Twitter Auto-Posting. Members can stay on your social network and easily leave tweets and update their Facebook wall.
  • Profile Information Popup. It is a nice tip shown on mouse over on member thumbnail or link, like you can see on Facebook. It contains profile(member or page) photo, name, likes and links – Add to friends, Like.
  • Wall Feed widget. It is a flexible widget which can be used instead of standard Activity Feed widget of SocialEngine, just drag & drop this widget using Layout Editor in Admin Panel to any wished page like: Home, Member Home, Member Profile, Event Profile, Group Profile, Pages profile(Pages plugin).
  • Actions Grouping. Wall plugin automatically groups similar and coming one after another actions, like – friendship, likes. It cleans Activity Feed from redundant blocks and provides news in informative way.
  • Share. It supports all standard share options: text, photo, link, music and video. In the coming version of Wall plugin they will be improved.
  • Separate Personal Profile from Business Page. Now it is available with Wall plugin! Wall-posts and comments which are submitted by page owners, are shown on behalf of page(business, public figure, etc). It will for work for pages – Pages plugin
  • Posted from Mobile icon. If you have our Touch-Mobile or Mobile plugins then we have great news for you! All wall-posts submitted from these plugins are displayed with `Posted from Mobile` icon in Activity Feed.
  • Wall in Mobile. Just install our Touch-Mobile plugin and get an incredible wall in mobile devices! Let your members not only to leave text posts but also attach photos, interesting links, upload funny youtube/vimeo videos! It allows to leave comments, likes and view photos using a nice Photo Viewer. Members can enjoy with many other great features of our Wall plugin: Standard and Custom Lists, Facebook and Twitter Feeds, etc.
  • Auto-load activity on roll down. It is not needed to click on `Load more` link, it is enough to roll down and wall automatically loads more activity, like you do on Facebook and Google+.
  • Many other great features:
    – Wall feed has optimized back-end and loads facebook, twitter feeds using ajax to save page loading time;
    – New lines are supported in posts;
    – Allows to logout from Facebook and Twitter if member has two or more accounts;
    – Option to remove actions without a confirmation window, it allows you to quickly remove many posts. This option can be enabled/disable in admin panel;
    – Options to enable/disable Tips(Profile information popup) and Photo Viewer in admin panel;
    – Advanced Music plugin is supported;
    – Advanced Albums plugin is supported;
    – Advanced Photo Albums plugin is supported;
    – AVP Video plugin is supported;

What’s new?

  • Facebook Page connection with Pages(Pages plugin) allows you to auto-post things to your official page on facebook.
  • Welcome Tab is a widgetized area(you can edit it using Layout Editor) where you can put your welcome message and various widgets, like: Upload Profile photo, Import Contacts, Explore Suggestions, etc.
  • Smiles. Now you can express your emotions using smiles in wall posts.
  • Add Peoples – share who is with you, just select Add People option and start typing, it suggests your friends. It is another way of tagging friends.
  • Tagging Pages, Groups and Events is available in Wall plugin, so you can tag any page/event/group like you tag your friends.
  • Many New Lists. This update brings many new default lists which can be enabled/disable via admin panel, new lists: groups, events, blogs, forum, music, videos, polls, classifieds and signups.
  • Many other updates:
    Permalink for each wall post so they can be linked and have own page;
    Twitter connection improvements: counter, reply and favorite;
    Auto-loading new posts, not needed to click on any link;
    Friend list are supported by wall but you can disable this feature in admin panel;
    ● Option to replace Member Profile wall to Member Home wall, configurable in admin panel;
    ● Slide effect for new wall-posts;
    ● Edit which privacy options are available via admin panel;
    ● Edit which type of attachments(photos, videos, music, etc) are available via admin panel;

WHAT’S COMING? More, more and more features! We continually work on Wall plugin improvements and have already planned many new things for future updates. Please feel free to suggest your ideas, help us to make our plugin better – suggest feature



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