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Advanced Events plugin improves user experience and increases members engagement in events. Members can easily create events, participate and…

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Advanced Events plugin improves user experience and increases members engagement in events. Members can organize, create gatherings and parties with fans, as well as let people in page community know about upcoming events.

The plugin makes easy to create events right from Wall or Events section, and share or participate in events from events listing. It also includes tons of tools such kind like specifying the place via google map, events images per category, clean upcoming events, etc.

Also it provides paid events so you can sell tickets to the attendees and set a limit to the number of available tickets.


Advanced Events plugin features:

  • It is attractive. Advanced Events plugin has clean and attractive design with focus for members actions.
  • It is user friendly. Members can easily create new events right from wall and quickly join events from listing. It is fully based on AJAX so no need to refresh and load whole page.
  • Create and Manage Events. This plugin has improved tools: editing, inviting, posting, moderating (edit/delete event, delete comments), etc.
  • Event Cateogory Photos. Members can easily upload any photo regarding your event category or choose already one of the ready nice default pictures which are separated by categories. Also in event page any user can add the photos as much as possible..
  • Browse Events. It has reworked browse events section with a larger photos, short information, quick sharing and participation options.
  • Paid Events (Tickets). Now it is possible to sell tickets(attendance) in events. You can set a price for the ticket which can be purchased only by members who are allowed by the event’s privacy. Also you can limit the number of available tickets and as soon as the tickets are sold no-one will be able to purchase tickets.
  • My Tickets page where members can see their purchased tickets with the events details and the tickets’ unique codes.
  • Page-Events integration is available so your members can quickly create advanced events from Pages plugin.
  • Standard features. This plugin improves usability for various events features:
    – Members are allowed to set status – Attend / Maybe Attending / Not Attending.;
    – Members are allowed to leave comments to discuss the event, share posts and photos, etc;
    – We have added this function as user could specify exact place in Google map so will help to event attenders to find;
    – Each event can be edited by exact time and calendar for beginning and finishing;
    – Search dashboard: events can be found in search bar of site;
    – Member can set the privacy who can view or attend this event like Public, Friends, etc.;
  • Widgets. There are available various widgets:
    ● Event browse search – displays search form in the event browse page;
    ● Event profile cover – displays events cover on its cover;
    ● Events profile guests – displays events guests on its profile;
    ● Event profile info – displays events info (creation date, member count, etc.);
    ● Event profile options – displays a menu of actions ( edit, report, invite, etc.) what can be performed in on an event profile;
    ● Event profile RSVP – displays options of RSVP’ing;
    ● Popular events – displays a list of the most popular events;
    ● Upcoming HE-event – displays upcoming events of logged in members;
  • Themes. Pin-Feed is compatible with all themes implemented in compliance with SE PHP official standard themes. Tested in all SE PHP official themes.
  • Admin Management. It provides the following configurations in admin panel:
    – event cover’s settings: repeat, align and zoom;
    – events categories with photos: you can remove or add new photos per category;
    – an option to create a new event from admin panel;
    – browse transactions page with option to filter and view a transaction details;
    – mark transactions as refunded;
Advanced Events plugin requires official Events plugin to be installed.


Advanced Events
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