Best Anti Spams Plugins for Socialengine

No one likes spam – except the spammers themselves, that is. If you’re running a socialengine community, you probably already have at least one spam control installed, but if you are looking for another layer of protection, we’ve dug up some great tools for that purpose.

Spam has been a huge problem for communities since the inception of social networking, and it just doesn’t seem to go away. The worst kind, and most prolific, is automated spam that comes from bots. Well, finally there is an anti spams plugins for Socialengine that provides an effective solution, without CAPTCHA’s, challenge questions, or other inconvenience to site visitors. With this simple verification technique you can confidently have genuine users on your social networking website.


As with any Socialengine plugins list, we do not recommend you install all of these due to the strain it might put on your hosting account.

Socialengine 2-Step Verification Plugin(Anti spams):

Socialengine 2-Step Verification Plugin allows the socialengine community owners to add one more layer to secure the socialengine website. The plugin helps to secure the login process and force user to verify the unique code received to their mobile via sms. This is one time process for a specific browser on user system and user needs to verify their mobile number for it. The other advantage of having this plugin is that it protect user’s account from hacking as if someone tries to login from different system then user would immediately knows that someone is trying to access their account and  hacker would need verification code to login to the site.

Socialengine Mobile Verification plugin(Anti Spams):

Socialengine Mobile Verification Plugin allows you to protect your socialengine website by adding SMS verification functionality to User Registration functions. This plugin shall help community owners to have a genuine users on their site and avoid spammers on their site. 

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