5 ways to handle negative reviews on your blog

Reviews also acts as a feedback to the daily blogger, a measure to the response their blog is getting from users all around. Positive comments encourage the blogger to take his blog to a new higher level, whereas negative Blog reviews act as a demoralize to bloggers; well, to some of-course.

As a blogger I love reviews because they stroke my ego – even non-flattering comments are good! It’s like “wow, someone besides my mom reads my blog!” But handle negative reviews are really hard to deal with. It doesn’t help that most comments on my blog are positive and supportive of what We have to say. “Right on!” “Totally agree!” “Excellent post!” This is good for my ego, but bad to prepare me to handle anything negative.

Following these five steps will help with negative reviews on your blog.

1. Don’t get angry :

First things first, never ever get angry about a negative review on your blog. Yes, negativity hurts, but let us look at it this way. Whose blog reputation are you spoiling by arguing with the reader? The reader will easily walk away by writing unnecessary things and more so no one may even notice the reader – if the reader has posted the comment as an anonymous user. You are the reputation manager of your blog and it is not advisable to get angry.

2. Take time to cool off :

We have read that you should not respond to criticism immediately. Some say you should even wait at least twenty-four hours to respond. Every time I have responded to something negative right after I read it, we have regretted it. Seriously, walk away, do something else, and come back to it tomorrow. Hopefully that will help you put the comment into perspective.

3. Simply ignore them :

This isn’t a great response, but it’s certainly a possible one: simply ignore any negative reviews on your blog. Allow them to stay in place, but don’t respond to them. You’ll sometimes see this happening on large blogs where the blogger is very busy and tends not to reply to any comments at all.

The drawback here is that it can be off-putting to other people commenting and to visitors who simply read the comments. If you have a lot of negative reviews, it can also make your blog look a little neglected.

4. Ignore the hostile comments, but respond to the legitimate concerns :

If the comment is negative but legitimate. Try to respond to them in a polite manner. Try to address their issues by replying them that you will do it better as far as possible.

If the comments are more negative with harsh and rude words better ignore them or delete them. This is not a great response from your side, but certainly a possible one. Simply ignore the negative comments on your blog. Do not respond them or do not even show any signs of consideration.If you are confident about your content, do not consider these negative comments. This is one of the quite normal thing that is happening in the blogging world. So do not worry about this.

5. Respond to them :

Sometimes, you might decide to let a negative review stay on your blog – in which case it’s a good idea to respond (for the sake of your other readers as much as for the reviewer).

Always the wrong person gives you the right lesson in life.
― William Shakespeare

If you do this, it’s definitely a good idea to take a few deep breaths first: don’t respond angrily. By writing a friendly, professional reply, you’ll impress your other readers with your patience. You may even find that the angry  reviewer responds to apologies or to ask you to remove their comment.


We are sure, We’ve missed a few tips and you may not agree with some of my advice, which is why we are glad we have comments here so that you can add your thoughts and make this post just that much better. Please share your advice and tips on handling negative blog comments!

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