Life is a Dance: Discuss the importance of dance

With the pressures of work and social obligations tugging us every which way, it’s more and more difficult to find time for exercise. Maybe that’s why Indians are struggling with their weight and health more than ever.

It’s no secret that moderate exercise and sensible eating habits are the key to remaining trim and fit. However, the thought of spending thirty minutes on a treadmill or jogging around the block five times is out of the question for many of us. Dancing works like a stress and tension reducer.

According to the National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder “a traumatic event is something life-threatening or very scary that you see or that happens to you…. Trauma also includes witnessing someone being killed or injured.“  Media broadcasts showing film footage over and over of traumatic events such as the Boston Marathon bombing are not only mental images but they become body memories that for some, can be extremely difficult to process and make sense of.

1) Release Stress :

I had this friend who would come home from work, turn her music on full blast and dance in circles in her living room. In the process of doing this, she would break out into laughter and finally fall on the couch with this #look of satisfaction. She said that dancing helped her release the stress from her work day and instead of turning to Happy Hour to medicate, she danced to release the stress altogether.

2) Exercise :

Even if you don’t break a sweat, the butterflies alone from taking the risk in dancing will get your heart pumping.#Exercise is another benefit to dancing. Sometimes I get really bored with the gym so I like to switch up my workouts with a dance class.

 3) Romance :

Ballroom dancing is as romantic as it is enjoyable. For years the world’s greatest romantics have known the best way to a lady’s heart is to sweep her across the dance floor. Holding, touching and moving to the music is the most romantic skill any couple can add to their lives. Think of all the countless number of relationships that would have never started without the world’s best ice breaker — “may I have this dance”.


4) Fun :

It’s so much fun to dance! There are so many styles of dancing out there for you to choose from. I found that a dance class can be even more fun than dancing in a club with friends. Take a look at the dance courses offered at your closest community #college and sign up for a fun time. Then next #time you do go dancing with your friends, you can bust some Hip Hop or Bollywood moves on the dance floor. Trust me, it’s fun.

5) Fashion :

From high society weddings to fashion magazines, formal ball gowns and skirts have returned to haute couture and Hollywood. Not surprisingly, these fashions have also returned to mainstream American wardrobes.

“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. ~Dave Barry

6) Confidence :

Confidence is a definite reason why you should dance. Do you think that if you dance, you will #look silly? Great! Get yourself out on the floor, lady, and move to the beat. You may feel silly the first several times but the more that you dance, the greater your confidence will be. Reading lots of things about it helping against narcolepsy but thats not the only thing. It helped me with my “work shift sleep disorder” – I guess that’s the right name for the thing when you change the time zones a lot. Normally it took me few days to adapt to the timing, but with this thing all is now question of couple of hours. Thumbs up in general, just don’t use it daily. If looking for it try here If nothing else you will be confident that you can find the beat and move left to right.

Consider these dance facts:

  • Dance contributes to increased personal confidence.
  • Olympic athletes often include dance in their training to sharpen their control, agility, speed and balance.
  • Dance is considered to be one of the top five physical activities, out of 60 studied.
  • Dance contributes to good posture and body alignment.
  • Dancing encourages gentle stretching.
  • Dance increases your flexibility and stamina.
  • As an aerobic exercise, dance benefits your cardiovascular system as you swing and sway from hips to shoulders.
  • Some doctors recommend thirty minutes of dance, three times per week.


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