How to hire best react native developer for your mobile app?

So, you’ve got an idea for a new mobile app, and you want to hire best React native developer to implement your idea. What should you be looking for? Since React Native is a new JavaScript-based framework that is developed by Facebook and Instagram. It helps you to build native applications in JavaScript while still delivering a real native user interface, allowing reuse of code across the web and mobile. So what should you be looking for? This post should give you a good idea about how to hire best React native developer.

Picking the right mobile application developer that suits your business necessity is not an effortless task. A right associate can add usefulness to your business as well as maximize income.

Do your homework


It is not important to know each little detail of your product but you need to find the right person who will help in your situation. However, in any event, you have to know the center elements. The purpose for which you want to hire a developer should be kept in mind. Different business has different needs for developing a mobile app like some may need it for branding; some may need it for customer engagement while others would look towards revenue generation. Hence, you should do a proper research and hire a developer with the right skillset.



Personal Network

  • The best place to start is to ask your friends and colleagues if they know a good developer. They will be glad to recommend someone they’ve been using and are happy with.
  • Consider developers only if your friends have been working with them. You don’t want someone just because your friends have heard he’s good.
  • By hiring someone that has been tested already, you minimize your risk. The con of this approach is that you might not be able to find a good developer just from your network.

There are many freelancers and mobile app development companies, therefore, It is very challenging to find out the best app developer under your need.However, hiring a freelance developer can be low-budget, but it’s a risky way to get an app developed. Choosing freelancers may result into the negative outcome. By wisely choosing a reputed and certified development company, you can go for the safest and most cost-effective way for getting your app developed.

Development companies vs. freelancer

  • Always be aware that a freelancer can only do so much. One person might not have all the capabilities that you need. That’s why you might need to go bigger and hire a development company.
  • You might choose to hire multiple freelancers, but in the end, you’ll also need to spend more time managing them all. At the same time, a web agency will have a dedicated project manager who will ensure your project is delivered on time with great quality.
  • In general, development companies do a better job, but they also come with a higher price.
  • If you need help from 1 or 2 people it’s okay to hire freelancers.

Hence, I would like to request you please make a list of top mobile application development company that assist you to select the best one.

Freelance Websites

Below are some websites have a database of thousands of developers of which hundreds are certified. Just from posting a job there you can get 20-100 people interested in your project.

  • Upwork: Work with someone perfect for your team
  •  Top talent isn’t enough.
  • Freelancer: This Website Design cost $390 Hire expert freelancers for your job online
  • Toptal: Hire the top 3% of freelance talent.

Development company Websites

Below are some development companies that specialize in developing mobile apps and performance.

  • Pragmaapps: Web & Mobile App Development Company
  • Fuzz: Creating beautiful, usable products.
  • OpenXcell: Mobile app & software development team for you

Make quality as a primary focus instead of price


Due to lot’s of companies and freelancers, it’s obvious to have the complexity to select the best. So, always focus on quality than price. It’s obvious that you end up with a cheap to high range price. Take a note, Select the company or developer who provides quality work.

For many people deciding factor of hiring a mobile app development company depends on Cost. An app price depends on various factors such as the platform which will host it, budget, and category. If you like to work with a low budget, be prepared to compromise a few of the functionalities. Don’t underestimate the smaller developers as they charge lower than a huge company.

So, instead of taking risks with such low budget developers, you should always hire those developers that hold the potential to develop a feature-packed and quality-rich app within cost-effective prices.

Connect with The Previous clients


Now, you have a question about how you can check the quality of work then, Past clients references are helpful materials for you. Always ask your developer or company to share theirs works so you can check company’s expertise based on the app they have built. If they provide the contact details of them then you can ask their client’s about services and take much other relevant information.

By connecting the previous clients, you should know how the developer has treated with its previous clients. And, how they work after getting the project, how responsive they are, how often do they communicate, how they solve the challenges, etc.

Interview with Developer



Assessing soft skills, next to verifying programming skills, prove to be crucial as they can to a great extent influence delivering results. How to assess programmer in a right way?

One of the good ways to do it is to use behavioral interview technique. It is often used by recruiters to evaluate developer’s past experiences and behaviors in order to determine their potential. Behavioral-based questions are said to reveal more in-depth information about the way a developer thinks and feels and what type of experience the candidate has from previous jobs. It is believed that past performance can be a good indicator of future behavior.

Below are some sites that will help you to ask which type of questions from the developer:

Discuss The Pre and Post Development Tasks


Always start working with a development company or freelancer, once you sign an NDA or privacy agreements. By signing such a bond with the developers, you can ensure the safety of confidential business information. Additionally, you should also take care of the property rights of the app to avoid future discrepancies.

Before hiring React native developer, you should discuss the post development tasks including app submission, app testing, bug fixing, support & maintenance etc before handing the project to the developer. You should make sure that the developer would provide necessary support once the app has been launched in the market. By selecting an adept developer, you can get a perfect app.

Effective Communication


During the development process, it is important for your developer to stay in touch with you and give you status updates. Ensure that you have good Communication with the developer as the quality of your app depends on how clearly you convey your requirement and the developer understands the app design and functionality requirements throughout the development process.

Effective communication between the client and developer will create a quality app. So you need to maintain proper communication during app development process.



Timely delivery – They delivered the project on time as promised. A good company should have a predefined timeline with detailed milestones to complete. This helps you understand the speed of work and can plan accordingly. It also helps in delivering projects on a timely basis.

Business understanding and experience of developer


You would always like to hire a developer who is interested in knowing your business objective, insights about the industry and customers you are working with. Hence, give some time in hiring until the time you find the right developer who spends time in understanding the business goals.

If the developer is aware of your business goals, it will help him to stay focused throughout the development cycle. Developing an application is not limited to the coding capabilities; the developer should be well-versed with the concept associated with the business.

Experience in any field is considered to be important and when it comes to finding an offshore mobile app development company experience plays a very crucial role. One should always look for a company who has considerable experience in developing mobile apps like this would help the hire to get quality apps and any kind of hiccups in the project can be avoided. Before deciding on a company, it is important that the past projects of the companies are checked to see which company can adapt easily to the idea that the person has in mind.


Hopefully, now you’ve got some good ideas about what to look for when hiring a best React native developer. And where should you look to find one?

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