Five easy ways to speed up loading time of your website in 2017

Own website could be the most beautiful site in the world but it does not good if it takes forever to load. Let’s face it. People are impatient and a slow website prevents potential customers from completing their purchase as compared with speed up websites. When I go online shopping, I expect pages to load at worst within 5-10 seconds. Any longer than that and I get antsy or I leave the store altogether.

The load time of websites is one of the most important factors affecting its usability, most Internet users will just skip a site altogether if it fails to load within a couple of seconds. There are countless ways to speed up your website . Here are five that we consider some of the most important:

1.Enable browser caching :-

When we visit a website, the elements on the page we visit are stored on own hard drive in a cache, or temporary storage, so the next time we visit the site, own browser can load the page without having to send another HTTP request to the server.

2.Optimize CSS Delivery :-

CSS holds the style requirements for your page. Generally, your website accesses this information in one of two ways: in an external file, which loads before your page renders, and inline, which is inserted in the HTML document itself.

Inline CSS is nested in your page’s HTML and looks like this:

In general, an external style sheet is preferable, because it reduces the size of your code and creates fewer code duplications.

3.Spritz up your speed with sprites :-

If we have multiple images on a page, seriously consider using CSS sprites to combine them. A sprite groups multiple images into one master image file, which is downloaded with just one request; the browser than divvy the images up and places them where they belong on the page. So instead of four, five or more round trips to retrieve individual images — with painful latency in each trip — one trip gets the job done. Again, it’s a bit more work, but the savings in loading time can be huge.

4.Fast Upload Time on Servers :-

We cannot control the internet speed of the viewers visiting your website, but you can control the speed of your servers. A fast upload speed is absolutely essential in delivering content rapidly to viewers. Also ensure that your servers have a high bandwidth connection, so they can service many viewers at once without slowing down. You want the fastest upload speeds, and the most bandwidth possible to ensure that your internet connection is never the bottleneck when providing content for viewers. Packetworks specializes in providing high bandwidth connections that have the highest upload and download speeds possible.

5. Test your website across different devices :-

This important because of the role of mobile devices these days. Everyone uses a smartphone and people can visit your site from a tablet also, So, it’s better to verify that your theme that, should be responsive, looks correctly across these different devices. Then, navigate on your site as a user, and test everything, like buttons or links.

Finally, create a list of things that needs optimizations, and work on them. Google offer great suggestion in their page speed tool, follow their tips and you will be happy with your site speed. Most importantly, people will come again, because they find the great experience.

Conclusion :-

Decreasing page load times often requires a combination of many tweaks, rather then one simple change. Ensure your websites are properly coded, use image and file compression, and are equipped with the fastest upload speeds and the most bandwidth possible.

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