Develop for iOS or Android first. Confused !

Smartphones and their apps are the new way of the world, and developers are lured by their increasing popularity. Apps can be hybrid or native mobile apps.If you think about native apps ,there are many more native app platform in the mobile space , Android and iOS are two most dominant.

Which app to develop first ?

If you think you need a native mobile app, that doesn’t mean you have to launch with both at the same time, but both should be on your ultimate timeline. Recently as a year ago, asking the question, “Develop for iOS or Android first” would lead to say, almost without hesitation, “iOS first, then Android”. Today, the answer is a bit more complicated, as success of android phones is growing day by day. Below factors can help you in deciding the platform needed to develop first.

1. Resources availability

Native Android apps are written in Java and developed using tool known as Android Studio. Android source is open source and easily available.For developing native iOS apps, Objective-C or swift is used and Xcode is the tool used to develop iOS apps. Prior to launching your app, testing is necessary to ensure proper functionality. Android devices are very diverse with different screen resolutions.iOS has fewer devices and Apple takes many of the difference in house such as automatic screen resolution based on the device.So,before building any app it’s resource availability to should be considered.

2. Time availability/Random updates

iOS app takes time for approval and release. Apple approval process means an app on average can possible get updated 3-4 times per month. And updates can be pushed same no of times. Android apps allow you to get release and regular updates to users more quickly.

 3. Type of audience

Every company has different audience.In the U.S. Apple has a significant advantage over Android. Apple smart phones remain extremely popular in large urban areas like Los Angeles and New York City. This means that if you’re targeting American users, iOS could be your best bet.

4. Paid/Free App

If you plan on developing a paid app, you may have better success with iOS first. Also note that Apple has a larger global base for paid apps.iOS users are more willing to pay than android users.

 5. Revenues

iOS users tend to be wealthier–and arguably more influential–and it still makes sense for most startups who want to make a splash to go iOS-first, Android-later as iOS generate per user than Android.Also if your application relies on in-app purchases for success, then prefer iOS app.

6. Budget

If you have less budget then you should prefer Android apps first as its developing tool is an open source. For developing an iOS app you need to register on apple developer with will cost you 95$. Also hiring developers of iOS is more expensive as compared to android developer.

7. Long-term viability of app platforms

I can’t predict the future, but from how the world looks now, betting on either Android or iOS is not going to be a problem. Apple has an entrenched ecosystem and hundreds of millions of loyal customers.Now Android also has a good reputed market. Could that dry up and disappear tomorrow? Absolutely. Look at Nokia. Look at BlackBerry. Still, I wouldn’t bet on that happening any time in the near future.


No matter which platform you ultimately choose – or even if you don’t know where to start – our team at Pragmaapps Solutions Private Limited is ready to walk you through the process from idea to launch. We have the development expertise you need to build a sophisticated mobile product that will provide meaningful value to your business.Contact us today to get started.

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