Upgrade socialengine version 2.x to 4.x

Socialengine 4.2.x is the latest version of Socialengine that has been released in recent days. If you have a community on this platform it makes sense to upgrade socialengine to get all the new features and support from large community of developers writing plugins for Socialengine. But there are lots of challenges while migrating the […]

SocialEngine: Activity Points SMS Plugin Integration


As a leading provider of SocialEngine services, we fully understand the need to keep enhancing your SocialEngine installation with more and more features to attract more members and keeping the community more active. After successful integration of SMS plugin with HE- Credits plugin, we got numerous requests from socialengine community owners to integrated the plugin […]

Pinterest Integration for Social Networking Sites

Ever thought sharing your favorite things graphically will become amazingly easy and interactive; no, yes, may be; I never thought it would be.  But makers of Pinterest did think of an interactive way to share what you like. Pinterest is basically an interactive bulletin board that a person can use to post pictures, videos etc. that […]

Redirecting previous page using Socialengine SocialDNA plugin


Socialengine SocialDNA plugin is a wonderful plugin that allows your community to connect with multiple social networking sites like facebook, linkedin etc. We have been doing socialengine customization for one of our client and used this plugin for the community. The only issue with the plugin is that after validating the facebook credentials, it redirects user […]

Tweaks to resolve xcache and fastcgi issue for socialengine


We have been constantly working on performance optimization of social community based on socialengine platform. The community was optimized by fine tuning Webserver (Apache) and database (Mysql) along with the caching(APC). Our client was really happy with the performance of his social community website.Client’s community is amazing and becoming very popular (growing 1000+ users/week) so […]