Announcing the merging of Hire-Experts and Ipragmatech to scale new heights

We are pleased to announce that our management has reached an agreement in principle with the management of Hire Experts for the outright acquisition of their firm. Over the past few months, the management of both teams has worked tirelessly and assiduously to come up with a solution that is suitable for both parties while also strongly considering the interests of the customers of both firms. This process required a lot of thinking as both parties realized that whatever we do, the interest of the customers must come first.

About Pragmaapps

Pragmaapps Solutions was founded in 2007 to provide world-class products and software development services for startups and SMEs. We have excelled in e-commerce website development, developing of online communities, mobile apps development, custom website development, to mention but a few. In the course of rendering our numerous services, we have been able to warm our ways into the heart of a lot of firms who have been largely pleased by our services. Some of these clients have become partners in development and their insights have been very useful in becoming the firm we are now. The whole process hasn’t been smooth sailing. We’ve had our ups and downs in the past 11 years and all of the lessons learned from our journey are what has prepared us for the firm we are now and the brighter future we are headed for.

We currently serve over 350 clients and we look forward to continuing to serve those clients as well as the ones we would be inheriting from Hire Experts in the best available way moving forward. While we are truly happy for our success and the hard work we have put in from the beginning to get to where we are now, we are well aware of the fact that we would have been nothing without the inputs of our clients. We are happy and truly grateful for your support over the years and we want you to realize that whatever we do, you are in the middle of our thought process. We are delighted to have served you well in the past, and we promise to continue to serve you better going forward.

About Hire Experts

Hire Experts is a social engine developing platform. They are mainly into; developing great social engine plugins, social engine themes, social engine hosting, live demo, and providing all-round social engine services. They are experts in anything that has to do with social engine development and have been hailed for their amazing works throughout the industry in spite of their small size.

Reasons for the Acquisition of Hire Experts

The acquisition of Hire Experts expands our scope and gives us a more competitive edge. All of the existing platforms created essentially become ours and the expertise inherited from the acquisition would simply be used to serve our customers better. Before now, we have always had an interest in the areas of operations that Hire Experts covers but we haven’t been able to develop the right platform to start them.

We are well aware of the demands for social engine plugins, themes and hosting services and how important they can be to even the clients we currently serve. When we realized there is a chance to acquire these services and add them to our products and services to serve our customers better, we couldn’t just turn down the chance to go all out and get it. We also realized that acquiring Hire Experts would give us the chance to reach a new market and broaden our scope as a firm. These are the main reasons why we decided to take the decision to do the acquisition.

What the Clients Can Expect

We are well aware of the uncertainty this acquisition could have placed on the minds of our customers, and even more so, the ones we are inheriting from Hire Expert. The first thing we would say is you can trust us to provide admirable services for you at all times. Everything we do revolves around you and without you, there would probably be no iPragamatech. For our existing customers, you can rest assured that we would continue to provide even better services for you after this acquisition. If anything, the acquisition would only enhance and strengthen us as we are also bringing in a lot of technical expertise from Hire Expertise to join our equally competent workforce. The combination of these amazing human resources team would only strengthen our services across all board and allow us to serve you better.

For the clients we are inheriting from Hire Expert, we are aware that this is a time for a lot of reflections. You would probably be wondering if you should stay with us after this acquisition and we know it is okay to ask yourself that question. However, we want you to realize that you are in great hands. Firstly, you should know that the same people you are used to for excellent service delivery at Hire Expert are still the same people who are coming here with us and they are the same people you would be dealing with. The name might have changed, but the personnel hasn’t changed.

We can assure you that the service delivery you will be getting going forward are even going to be much better than what you were getting in the past. The management of Hire Expert has made the decision to hand you over to us because they know we care enough and are capable of providing services that are potentially better than what you were getting in the past.

Going forward, we are assuring you that our mission remains unchanged from what you are used to, and the only change you can expect is that we would have more resources to develop new better products and services going forward. The possibilities and what we can achieve together is limitless and we are truly excited about what we shall be serving you in the coming months.

Logistical Information

For the benefits of the general public and our customers, we wish to inform you that everything that has to do with Hire Expert is henceforth under the name of Pragmaapps Solutions. The former members of staff are now part of the Pragmaapps Solutions team. Also, we would only be giving clients a few weeks to regularize the means of communication with us. Going forward, all correspondence and emails are to be directly addressed to Pragmaapps Solutions in the place of Hire Experts. The previous phone numbers, emails, website address and other forms of contacts would seize to be valid after the bedding in period, and the ones provided by Pragmaapps Solutions would be the only valid means of passing out and receiving messages henceforth. For any further inquiries concerning logistics and mode of operations at Pragmaapps Solutions, we can be reached via our website address at or via our official email address at [email protected]. Our customer care agents are also available and willing to provide you with every piece of information you might desire to know. You can reach us on +91-8800466470 or +91-9871831311. Whichever route you may decide to use, our representatives would be willing to speak with you and give you all the information you need.

Final Notes and Admonitions

In acquiring Hire Experts, we made sure that all the necessary legal steps are followed to the letter. The legal team of our firm and that of Hire Experts went through all the necessary documents that relate to the takeover and ratified them to be legal and binding. We also made sure our shareholders gave their total support to the cause and the whole process was a smooth sailing one. With the acquisition of Hire Experts, we are looking forward to expanding and giving our firm access to a new and lucrative market from which our shareholders can continue to maximize their wealth while the firm would also continue to grow in leaps and bound and serve the customers in the best possible way.

Lastly, it is important that we thank our employees for the amazing part they have played and continue to play in the development of Pragmaapps as a brand. We are well aware of the huge sacrifices you all have made in making sure that our clients get the best available services at all times. We know that the whole process of serving and delivering the exact services our clients desire is not as easy as it may seem. It requires a lot of dedication, selflessness, and utmost professionalism. In spite of the huge demands, we are happy and proud that you have given and continue to give your best in delivering the most amazing services that the clients cannot but love.

As we step into this new phase in our organization’s history we want to give you our word that we are with you and will continue to provide you with an enabling environment and the best working conditions so that you would even continue to be much more productive than you have ever been at any time. We are confident that with your continued support, we would be well positioned to provide the most amazing services that would distinguish us as a true leader in the market we wish to serve.

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