Reviews and Ratings REST API for Magento

This extension adds more API functions to Magento REST API. It adds the API functions to list and update reviews and ratings of a product.

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Magento is a powerful platform for digital commerce, its new version Magento 2 had been launched. Magento2 comes with more powerful features. One of the best features is “Rest API”, Magento2 has default rest API for its extension. Some of them are missing like Wishlist, Review etc. Review and Rating are the not core part of the online store but its play an important role in selling the product. Review and rating are the key points of the customer to purchase the product. Every customer must go through the review before purchasing the product. If you are a Magento developer and you are developing a mobile application, then our Ratings and Reviews REST API allows your customer to add the product review and rating through your Magento based mobile application. To demonstrate what you can do using the Review API, we have developed a native android app MagentoShop that allows you to access the full functionality of a basic Magento store.

The API is JSON based and is very simple to install and use. Just install the plugin and you are all set to use wishlist functionality.

Basic Requirement

Magento 2.0.2

Rating and Reviews REST API Features

  • Customer can add their review and rating for the product
  • Guest Customer can add their review and rating for the product
  • It allows listing all the guest or customer review, rating and average rating of the product
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