Mobile Verification(Anti-Spam)


Socialengine Mobile Verification Plugin allows you to protect your socialengine website by adding SMS verification functionality to User Registration functions.

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Socialengine Mobile Verification (Anti-Spam) features:

  • Ensure verified users on the website.Verifies user via SMS.
  • You can save multiple profile values
  • Allow user to view announcements for their user status on member home page.
  • Send SMS all over the world.Verification required only once (During Signup).
  • Reduce fraudulent and Minimise the spamming you can.Allow user to see the verified status on member profile page
  • Admin can check the verified and non-verified users


Initial Configuration

  • Create account on Twilio. Follow this link for create account on twilio If you created trial account on Twilio then you can send SMS to only the verified number of twilio account. For send SMS on any number you need to create premium account or upgrade the twilio account.
  • For save your Twilio Account Info, Go on the Admin > Plugins > Mobile Verification .
  • Enter the Account SID,Auth Token, Twilio Number and Click on save button.
  • Go on the Admin > Plugins > Mobile Verification > Mobile Setting Tab. Choose your desired option for make mobile number field unique or not unique.
  • Go on the Admin > Plugins > Mobile Verification >Profile Type Setting Tab. Choose the Profile Type and Mobile No. field and then Click on Save Setting button. Make sure that you have save Mobile No. field for every profile Type. If you not save Mobile No. field for every Profile type, then first save Mobile No. field for every Profile Type.
  • For Mobile Annoaunchments ->goto->appearence->layouteditor than Place the Mobile Announchments widget on MemberHomePage
  • For User Verified ->goto->appearence->layouteditor than Place the Mobile Verfication verified widget on MemberProfilePage


Requird:Twilio Account Information;



Mobile Verification(Anti-Spam)
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