Lifesherpa – Behavioral training apps

For young adults with executive functioning challenges typically caused by ADHD and Autism, Life Sherpa delivers behavioral training programs through mobile apps.

We helped Lifesherpa build their complete platform including AngularJS based administration UI, Firebase cloud as well as their website, and business intelligence and reporting.

3R Behavorial Solutions
At 3rBehavioral Solutions, the maker of Life Sherpa. Life Sherpa is designed to accelerate the acquisition of life and social skills of children and adults with developmental disabilities.
The Life Sherap platform empowers the individuals to support a community of parents, family, therapists, teachers, friends, etc., to support behavior change through the ubiquitous application of reminding, reinforce, and reward fundamentals which are the foundations of nearly all behavior modification therapies.

Company details
Website :
Headquarters: Reston, VA
Year founded: 2016

We are working with the Lifesherpa from 2017.  We helped Lifesherpa to build their complete platform including:

1. Lifesherpa CheckIn App:
Lifesherpa CheckIn app is a very simple app used to mark and view the status of students for various dates. We have designed the app using AngularJS frontend and Firebase backend.


2. Data sync Firebase to MYSQL:
Our client wanted to sync data between Firebase to MYSQL to analyze the business data using Zoho reports. We have implemented Firebase functions built in NodeJS which listen to firebase events to capture changes done in firebase database and then save into the MYSQL.

3. Lifesherpa Configurator App:
Lifesherpa Configurator App is a very simple app which allows Super Admin, Admin,  and Parent to manage ( Create/Edit/Delete ) Firebase database tree.
We have designed the Configurator app using AngularJS and Firebase. We have implemented the following interesting features:

  • Integrated JSON-Editor tool for edit the Firebase data.
  • JSON-Editor schema validation and template integration.
  • Get the list of images from Firebase storage and display the Image tree view.
  • Manage Routines, Rewards, Users, Forms, and Groups.
  • Permission management for Super-admin, admin and parents.
  • Check Firebase database integrity with MySQL database.
  • Data sync GUI from Firebase to MySQL

4. Lifesherpa Reporting
Our client wanted an online reporting and business intelligence service that helps him to easily analyze business data, and create insightful reports and dashboards for his customers. After some research, we suggested using Zoho reports.

  • Created reports and dashboards
  • Setup security permissions and restricts data visible to different clients.
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Project Management
  • UI/UX Analysis
  • REST API built in NodeJS
  • Firebase
  • AngularJS
  • MySQL
  • AWS S3
  • Grunt
  • Git
  • Easy Cron API